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Ethiopian village architecture. Styles NIF-NIF, Nuf-Nuf and NAF-NAF

Page Virtual Travelers 12.03.2018 at 07:00

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Each time passing by Ethiopian villages, I thanked the heavens and the earth, Allah, Jesus, Buddha and all whom they can thank for the fact that I was born in the Soviet Union, not Ethiopia.

the Village architecture here is diversity. There are three types of houses. Conventionally, I called NIF-NIF, Nuf-Nuf and NAF-NAF.

the Most common type (style NIF-NIF) is a hut made of branches of arbitrary shape - how to get the twigs to tie this form and will be at home. Put one stick thicker and is tied to it other twigs is the frame of the roof. Then holes in the roof throws the withered grass. Sometimes, the roof covered with piece of plastic, but this improvement is not expensive.

In this house to hide from the scorching sun, but more he could do. However, a huge reservoir of Ethiopia's population lives in these homes.

the Village through which tourist routes, live richer. Here at home already partially or completely built of metal panels (style Nub-Nub). Not to say that this house is much safer, but at least there you can escape not only from the sun but from the wind that blows here on a regular basis and very heavily.

the Crown of the Ethiopian rural architecture is the style NAF-NAF. This round houses of stone with a roof of branches and hay. These houses do not protect from the wind as it quietly seeps between the stones, but to protect its inhabitants from the sun and unwanted attention of neighbors. Some of these houses even have doors! Well as doors? Just a tin sheet closing the entrance to Stonehenge.

Regardless of the style of the home, no furniture inside is not provided. Sleeping on the ground. Go to the toilet in the bushes. Although no! Once I saw the toilet in this village. We were in a tourist cafe in coffee ceremony (I told them a week ago) and then one of our girls asked for a toilet. I decided to walk. To find it was a quest. Had to cross the street, go through someone's yard, then past the corral with goats and then we went to the bathroom. His photos last...

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