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The threshold for entry into Symfony or close the URL for basic auth Blog 12.03.2018 at 15:02

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I don't really like instruments with a very high barrier to entry. Not because I can't work with them (I can), but because at some things the team spends far too much time.

I had heard about the security bundle and how it does not overpower the developers, but that was long ago. Over the last couple of years went Symfony 4, which is presented as a mega-easy and super-fast and security like changes a lot on the topic of simplification. But no, it turns out, much better not.

the Task — to close a URL on a simple basic authentication with a fixed username-password. Any users not in the project. Where can it be? Begin to look for, but there are only descriptions of how to do it when users are still there plus accepted answer on StackOverflow, which States that you can't do that.

that's it. Finish. The majority of this falls off because to go into the source code and spend time trying to understand how to write the config below, breaking through abstractions and by combining firewall, the provider and the encoder will be a very small number of developers.

security: providers: api_users_in_memory: memory: users: test: password: qwerty encoders: Symfony\Component\Security\Core\User\User: plaintext firewalls: api: pattern: ^/api stateless: true http_basic: provider: api_users_in_memory

Morality: flexible not that difficult to do. Just not easy to do.

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