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How to choose the perfect red shoes and wear them with anything 12.03.2018 at 18:20

How to choose red shoes?

Tired, though universal, but commonplace beige and black pumps? Want something more interesting, stylish, but at the same time, easily applicable in everyday life? Then highly recommend you to look attentively at the red shoes.

However, you will face a question – how to choose your perfect red shoes? Those who can and will wear, instead of those who alone will stand on a shelf, occasionally collecting dust.

Here are a few tips on choosing red pumps:

— Pay attention to the material from which made shoes. Leather model is appropriate, like on a date and at work, both day and evening hours. Withstanding dust and rain, with proper care, of course. Lacquer red shoes good for special occasions and an evening out. Suede the options are good for dry climate with occasional rains and puddles.

— the Owners of magnificent forms should be avoided models with the jumpers, as this trick will play not good for you.

— So it is not necessary to choose shoes on a massive platform, and it is better to give preference to elegant and neat pumps. As the red color itself is pretty self-contained and attention-getting, paired with a powerful platform, you run the risk to trivialize the image.

If you need shoes for every day and for work, choose a model without the decorative elements and glitter. However, if the reason for buying red shoes is a huge celebration, then you can safely choose shoes with bows, stones, pearls and other decorative elements.

Black jumpsuit, a massive shopper and red pumps

White blouse, dark grey trousers and red shoes

Striped shirt, beige jacket, jeans and red shoes

White blouse, blue jeans, leopard print bag, red shoes

a Ruby-red coat and the shoes to match, blue jeans with holes

Striped sweater, leather pants and red pumps

a Red turtleneck, a gray coat, blue skinny jeans, grey bag and red pumps

Vest, black-and-white bag, white pants and red shoes

Red cardigan with flowers, handbag and shoes to match, blue jeans

a Blue shirt, blue skirt, red bag and shoes

Red dress and pumps to match black bag

what to wear With red shoes?

so, you decided which pair of shoes and wonder what to wear? On this occasion offer several options:

— the Red shoes look great as bright but appropriate emphasis in the images of total white and total black, whether it is a pantsuit or a dress.

— feminine and Fresh looks tandem boats and red clothes blue shades. For example, a blue shirt and a white pencil skirt or grey trousers flared.

— Great casual set will be the vest with ripped jeans and red heels. And for an evening out, jeans can be changed to white slacks to the floor and add some scarlet lipstick.

— Cute and feminine look the red pumps paired with the dress, flared from the waist line. And if it is printed, for example, polka dots or floral motifs, the image will become even brighter and more interesting.

— is a smart, bold, stylish and bright, will look like a girl who decided to create their own look with red shoes and clothes in the blue spectrum. This, for example, may be blue sheath dress, red pumps and a belt to match them. Or blue shirt, black pencil skirt, and heels that scarlet hue.

— the Red shoes goes well with white, black, grey, blue, dark blue and beige. And with a striped, plaid, floral and geometric print. Especially successful are those mixes, where the pattern also has a red color to support the tone of shoes.

the Grey coat, red dress, grey clutch bag, red shoes with straps

White lace blouse, plaid pants, red shoes

Beige dress and red shoes

Black skirt and sweatshirt with red pumps

Blue suit, brown bag and shirt with print, red shoes

Black t-shirt, black-and-white skirt and red shoes

a Black sweater with stars, leather pants, black handbag and red shoes

White blouse, pencil skirt and red pumps

a Grey Trouser suit, t-shirt and red shoes

White shirt, blue jeans, white shopper bag and red pumps

Plaid coat, white blouse, jeans, black bag and red shoes

In any appropriate stylistic trends of red shoes?

can't determine in what all the same the style will easily fit red shoes? Then here's a hint:

— the Red shoes will surely fit into so many of your favorite casual. Jeans, trousers, shirts, blouses, concise, and sometimes severe, dresses, jackets, coats for all this cool pumps will be a great addition.

— For lovers of the retro theme, the red shoes are simply irreplaceable. Skirts, skirts, sun floral print dresses, flared from the waist, striped print, vest, everything is great friends with the red boats.

Red shoes will appeal not only languid and tender ladies, but also girls-Tomboy, because they are great to fit into grunge. Mix red shoes with ripped jeans, boxy t-shirts, maybe even print favorite music group, plaid shirts and black leather jackets. It is appropriate to add to the image and a red handkerchief tied on the head, neck or as a belt on jeans.

Black sweater, ripped jeans, red coat and shoes

Checkered white shirt, red sweater, black skinny jeans and red shoes

Grey t-shirt, pants with black and white geometric print, red pumps and a necklace to match them

Jeans, black shirt, red thin strap and red shoes

Dark blue pantsuit, a slim blouse and red shoes

Vest, wide-leg jeans with belt and red shoes

a White cap and coat, red bag, dress and shoes

Black shirt, white skirt, red clutch and red pumps

White t-shirt, red cardigan with roses, jeans, red bag and red shoes

Black lace blouse, Tulip skirt MIDI length and red shoes

a Cropped grey t-shirt, black pants and red shoes

what you should not combine red shoes?

Finally I would like to keep you from stylistic errors and give some tips about what one should not mix red shoes:

it is Advisable to avoid combinations of red pumps and active animal prints, for example leopard or tiger. Otherwise, you risk creating is nekomplimentarnymi image.

— best of all red shoes look with a flesh-colored stockings, with black tights the same more often than not it turns out a harmonious Union, as they are too rough for such a combination. You should also avoid net tights and tights with a print.

— do Not overdo it with red. Let the red shoes will be the basic bright accent, or create them another thing of the same color, but in any case, do not wear all red that is only found in the wardrobe, starting from a headscarf, glasses and hats, beads and finishing with the bag.

Knowing all the tricks and subtleties of choice, selection and wearing of red shoes, now you will be able to look every day is perfect and stylish!

Jackets, vest, jeans and scarlet pumps

Black jeans, red jumper and shoes to match

the Grey shirt with white dots, gray jeans and red shoes

White shirt, black pants and red lacquered pumps

Black jacket, wine blouse and tonal bag, black pants, and red shoes with strap

Vest, black skirt, red clutch and shoes to match

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, the Creator of the training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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