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What to wear with ballet flats? 45 bright combinations for a perfect shoes 13.03.2018 at 14:15

What is ballet shoes and who invented them?

ballet shoes is a classic women's flat shoes or a wide stable heel height of not more than 1 cm

Judging from the title of this type of footwear, you can already guess that it goes back in the ballet, namely, shoes professional dancers. However, in the late nineteenth century shoemaker Salvatore Capezios decided to simplify Pointe shoes and their likeness dumped a few pairs of casual shoes made of leather and suede. This idea was rescued Salvatore from the approaching bankruptcy, and ballet flats are very interested in the then fashionistas.

some time Later, in 1949, after the shoes were featured on the cover of one of the most influential and popular, including today, fashion magazines Vogue, then appeared on the silver screen in the images of beauties Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, this shoes has become popular all over the world. The incident is not surprising, because ballet shoes combine beauty and comfort and is the perfect formula for fashionistas of any age.

Salvatore Capezios for the creation of ballet shoes

Bright yellow ballet flats on the cover of Vogue

How to choose ballet shoes?

so, before you take his cherished box of shoes to the cashier or click the online store button "pay", it is worth considering these points:

— the Owners of magnificent forms and a low growth one should not choose models with lacing, ribbons, or straps along the ankle, as these decorative items will not benefit your body type. Better look for bright, ideally beige, options, as due to its colour close to skin tone, they visually add growth and elongated silhouette.

— If the size of your foot more than 39, it is better to give preference to flats with rounded toe, otherwise, selecting a pointy-toed Shoe model, you will further increase the leg.

— Please note that the sole of the Shoe must be sufficiently flexible, durable and cast.

If you have flat feet, you should choose only the ballet shoes on a small heel, so as not to exacerbate the situation with the health of the feet.

— For the hot summer and Parking it is preferable to choose flats from lightweight, breathable materials. And for rainy autumn or spring is perfect leather or lacquer options.

— Note that a more versatile ballet flats are always concise and without frills, do not have decorative elements and designed in a calm colour. For example, beige or black. But for a celebration or an evening out, you can safely replace the stilettos with bright ballet flats with pearls, stones, chains, studs or bows.

Spacious black sweater, jeans and ballet flats with pointed toe

Black sleeveless blouse, cropped pants and Nude ballet flats

a Black sweater, ripped jeans and ballet flats with a striped print

black leather Jackets, black short dress and suede lace-up ballet flats

Striped t-shirt, black MIDI skirt and ballet flats with stones

Blue shirt with small white print, black pants and peach ballet flats

White lace blouse, jeans, powdery pink bag and ballet flats in tone

White t-shirt with print, mini-skirt and black ballet flats with bright blue soles and tonal bag

Black leather ballet flats, a shirt with a small print and jeans

White shirt, brown bag, beige shorts and red flats

trench, vest, black jeans and black leather ballet shoes

Floral jumper, striped skirt, and purple ballet flats

What are the types of ballet shoes?

Below, we will introduce you to the basic types of ballet shoes that will help when you purchase make your choice in favor of this or that.

so, the main types of ballet shoes:

— Classic ballet flats. This shoes on the heels, with or without a small heel, without any decorative elements. But the toe they can be as rounded and acute.

— ballet shoes named Audrey. This is a classic exclusively black ballet shoes on a small heel.

— ballet shoes Mary Jane. The hallmark of this kind of shoes is the strap situated to the leg raise and perform only a decorative function.

— ballet shoes with lacing. Lacing can be as thin and in the form of a tape. These shoes are particularly feminine looks with skirts, creating an atmosphere of ballet.

— flat shoes with a strap around the leg. These ballet flats will fit tall girls of model parameters, as some visually shorten the legs.

Ballerina "Audrey"

Beige and silver flats with lacing

Milk ballet flats with ribbon

With the combination than ballet flats?

ballet Flats are pretty versatile shoes, however, for ease in compiling the images here are a few tips:

— is a smart and feminine ballet flats look great with short dresses A-line or with models with a circle skirt from the waist line. As cute and somewhat in the spirit of retro will look like a combination of ballet shoes with a dress of MIDI length and fairly full skirt.

— of Course, ballet flats easily and successfully combined with jeans. Narrow and cropped jeans models will look perfectly with ballet flats without laces and straps, with both acute and rounded toe. But wide-leg jeans style boyfriend it is best to mix with the shoes, where the toe is pointed somewhat, as all too sugary for tandem with them.

— as pointed ballet shoes gorgeous models and, most importantly comfortable, will look with the Trouser suit. Please note that the legs have to open the ankle, in order to make the image of lightness and not to ground you.

— Cute and girly look ballet flats in tandem with skirts all sorts of styles, mini and MIDI length. And mix them with shirts, blouses and t-shirts. Flats look especially good paired with a circle skirt or a-line skirt.

— Stylish and fresh look ballet flats in the way with shorts, like denim and linen or cotton. To them, for example, you can pick up off shoulder crop top or vest.

— it is also worth noting that if you choose a bright ballet flats, let the image itself will be decorated in white tones. Or, create Shoe color companion, for example, with yellow ballet flats slip skirt with floral print, where as there is this color, or with red ballet flats vest with red stripes.

a Black sweater, tulle, long skirt, black bag and Nude flats with black hearts on the toe

leopard scarf, brown cardigan, white t-shirt, khaki jeans, and brown ballet flats

Striped sweater, black pants and ballet flats with bows

Denim shirt, red bag, white pants and white ballet flats

Black mini-dress, bag and black and beige ballet flats

Striped shirt, ripped jeans and orange shoes lace-up

Black sweater, plaid pants, black handbag and black ballet flats in the form of muzzles of cats

Black jacket, vest, blue jeans, brown bag and black patent leather ballet flats

a White blouse, black miniskirt and black ballet flats

Blue checkered dress, white bag and yellow ballet flats

Black t-shirt, jacket, bag, ripped jeans and ballet flats lace-up

Wine mini dress with a floral print, a black bag and classic ballet flats

Striped t-shirt, denim shorts, brown cross body, strap her tone and black ballet flats

Striped blouse, jeans and beige ballet flats with strap

Shirt in peas, pants and black ballet shoes-style Audrey

a White shirt, camel skirt-Maxi and ballet flats in her tone

Vest, black pants, handbag and ballet flats with bows

Grey jumper, blue jeans and flats with a geometric print

pink Lace dress and white ballet flats

what not to mix flats?

Whatever the universal ballet flats, there are still combinations that are best to avoid:

— ballet Flats + pencil skirt. Such a mix is only good for tall girls of model parameters, as in a pair of flat shoes can play not in favor of his mistress, distorting the proportions by increasing the torso and reducing the length of the legs.

— ballet Flats + long legs. Again, this nekomplimentarnymi combination, besides sloppy.

— ballet Flats with straps and ties it is best to avoid the ladies with a curvaceous figure, so as not to draw attention to the massive leg.

— the Tights + ballet flats. The exception is a tight black tights and black classic ballet flats, in all other cases, wear ballet flats on bare feet.

Knowing all the tricks of the selection of this footwear and clothes combinations with ballet flats, you don't make much effort every day to be fashionable and stylish images with a comfortable and beautiful shoes!

Denim jacket, white t-shirt, red bag, plaid shirt, black jeans and red ballet flats with lacing

Dress in green-blue color black bag and ballet flats in her tone

White sweater, ripped jeans, blue bag, purple scarf and ballet flats in the same tone

Vest, red jacket, ripped jeans and white ballet flats

Black turtleneck with stripe, pants and black ballet flats

Green dress with floral print, beige bag and bright ballet flats

White shirt, black trousers and classic ballet flats

Vest, black jeans and Nude flats paired with a bag

Striped t-shirt, denim jacket, white jeans, pale pink ballet flats

Leopard coat, black jeans, bag and flats

Blue striped shirt, green bag, blue jeans and black ballet flats

a White blouse, a peach trench coat, floral skirt and ballet flats

Denim shirt, short shorts, and black ballet flats with applique eyes

Plaid shirt, blue skinny jeans, black handbag and leopard ballet flats lace-up

Grey sweatshirt, dusty pink bag, white ripped jeans and pale pink ballet flats

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, the Creator of the training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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