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"Nezhdanchik" and "Jacket". The Russians choose the name of Putin's missiles

Radio Liberty 13.03.2018 at 16:20

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, non-profit information service funded by the U.S. Congress, broadcasting to the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East and Russia.

On the website of the Ministry of defense of Russia has launched voting for the best name for the new Russian weapons, about which Vladimir Putin spoke during a recent address to the Federal Assembly. And it is very funny. "Those interested in military equipment, would like to offer, I would like to suggest that the name of this new equipment," Putin said after the hall listened to his stories about the latest Russian missile with a nuclear engine, an unmanned boat, and a fighting laser complex. Indeed, as early as the same day, March 1, on the website of the Ministry of defense there is a form with which anyone could offer their names. After 12 days was selected the most popular options (50 for each weapon) and now you can only vote for them. The winner will be determined after March 16. Let's start with the most important – cruise missile with a nuclear engine, which, according to plan of Putin should be a response to the construction of the United States of a missile defense system. While the list of naming her leader "Nezhdanchik" (almost 10 thousand votes), in second place – "Imerator" or "Monarch", for third place in the intense struggle are "PAL" and "Jacket". Special mention deserve and less popular options: "rattle", "sanction", "Joseph Stalin", as well as names that seem more like completely different products: "Cheburashka", "the Tourist" and the reason "Nadya". The most unpopular option is called "Broadsword" - perhaps because many of voting simply don't know what it is. New Russian unmanned underwater vehicle, if it actually exists and if the vote happens, it will be called by the name of the legendary sea monster the Kraken. In Russia, the Kraken became a meme after the movie "clash of the titans" Director Louis leterrier, in which you hear the phrase on all occasions – "release the Kraken!". All other options are in the voting behind the Kraken, but they all in some way connected with water or the sea: "IDE", "Poseidon", and even the regular "Carp". On the options list as is "Leech", "the creeper" and "Aurora". As for the "Fighting laser complex", it is, with high probability, can be called "Ophthalmologist" – this option is leading in the vote by a large margin. Among others, noteworthy is the "fly Swatter", "Stolypin" and "Wii".