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Video in Instagram

Instagram is a large social network, which since its founding has already suffered many changes. Initially Instagram was a simple photo album, where there was no possibility of communication through Direct or video download, now app can replace almost all social networks. And it's worth noting that since the blocking of "Vkontakte" in Ukraine, many users, as an alternative chose Instagram.

Probably one of the largest updates is the emergence of stories and the possibility of live broadcasts. At the moment it is hard to imagine the use of social. network without tape "stories" at the top. These functions are actively used by all users, from bloggers, famous people and ordinary passers-by to.

in order not to "waste a stamp", the developers release new updates that are popular with users in different measure. Thus, a few months ago people were talking about the fact that the social network will be voice calls. Then users have noticed a new icon and suggested what she might need. Wei visibility, at the time the function was at the stage of initial (internal) testing and is that users cannot place calls to Instagram .

Now rumor has it that the platform will be video calls. Did this assumption, again, users. Some people have noticed two new icons - "call" and "video call". Not difficult to guess that soon Instagram will release an update. The company's management has not yet commented on the situation and not release.

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