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Blackberry sues Facebook

Blackberry is a line of smartphones, which is patented by the company Research In Motion. These smartphones invented specifically to facilitate and optimize the operation of the business. Feature is the keyboard, which time has not crossed the sensors.

smartphones are the new models support different business applications that simplify the work of the representatives of these professions. In addition, the Blackberry is most often used for work of various government agencies.

today the company stated that sues well-known, big company Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook. Representatives of the company claim that Facebook used some of the Blackberry patented algorithms in WhatsApp messenger, and in all quadrupeds the app Instagram.

Facebook has made an official statement and not guilty. The company's lawyers will sue and defend the honor of Facebook.

Also, remember that the company Facebook is testing new algorithms for face recognition. from Now on, when posting photos, the network will offer to mention your "friend" in the photo.

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