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Identity theft in Facebook

Facebook not just fall into the various scandals about excessive data collection users. Even held several vessels that the company successfully won. Generally, in recent years there has been a lot of scandals about data theft in the Internet. We have already reported about different viral apps that after downloading the collected personal data, including credit card information.

And despite a lot of scandals around data collection, users all exactly the continue to use social network. Partly because do not understand the extent of the information collected.

Onavo Protect is a VPN service that was released by Facebook to protect users of the social. network on the Internet. But as it turned out, all data, information about the user is transmitted to the server of the company. It is not known yet will the trial for this reason.

Remember that the company Facebook started testing a new mechanism for the recognition. Now when you publish the photos, the user will receive a notification with the option to "mark" a friend in the photo. In turn, if you do not want your picture published, you can block it.

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