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In Kazakhstan inaccessible Instagram and Facebook

Instagram and Facebook is a large social network that use worldwide. Due to the fact that the resources are large and the number of users, respectively, also, any problems quickly become visible. Thus, Kazakhstan people complain the massive failures of both social networks. At the moment the cause of the problem is unknown.

All say that they can't go to the pages in the social. networks. Or wi-fi connection or mobile Internet. The value also has no mobile app or the computer version of social networking.

Remember that the Instagram guide

temporarily refused to cooperate Gifhy. The reason for this decision was the scandal with a racist theme. In the archive "gifs" users found the watch which count the number of deaths caused by the black population. All took it as a gross racist, and blame the company . At the moment an investigation is ongoing, it is unknown whether to return the company "gifs" back.

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