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Fresh jokes for 14.03.2018 (67 PCs)

Fresh jokes every day on 14.03.2018 at 16:39

Daily updated jokes on! Only fresh jokes!

Apparently, the next spy in London would kill balalaika.


... what Sobchak? Yes, everything as usual.

When she want nothing from you, "Russia is a country of genetic scum".

It is the same before the election: "In our country live a beautiful, intelligent and hardworking people."


Prime Minister Theresa may calls Putin:

- Vladimir, I am outraged! Your spies tried to destroy Skripal...

- do Not understand, - said Putin. – Tried or destroyed?

- have Tried.

Is not my spies!


I wonder who will be the next President.

the following will not be the previous.


Masha tired of her boyfriend. She very much wanted to have in relationships have been changing. Desire turned - boyfriend cheated on her.


"Thank you" in a pocket will not put. Need to translate a foreign Bank.


the Only film demonstration which was not interrupted by advertising strips, medium nasal and other things on our television - a film "Putin"


With all of these elections, Dzhigarkhanyan, Michelinie and Surovymi we forgot about the main thing: that there Diana Shurygina!


Yesterday I decided to check how many rich people go to the supermarket and from whom they are always available dollars.

For the experiment, bought a pack of 100 dollar bills of the Bank of Jokes.

the Essence of the test was enough simple - I was pursuing a buyer, and said that he dropped the coin, handing him a carefully folded bill. The response was the same: everyone said "Thank you!" and put the coin in his pocket!

At the 50 th bill I got tired and went home...


a Child whose parents are scolded for going to school in different socks for a day with the help of Instagram, introduced the fashion of wearing odd socks all over your city. Soon his parents were forced to walk.