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Plattsburgh was the first city in the world where banned mining cryptocurrency

MComp 16.03.2018 at 16:02

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In the U.S. city of Plattsburgh has banned the mining of cryptocurrency. The reason for sharply higher electricity bills.

According to the mayor of Plattsburgh, here the cheapest electricity rates in the United States – more than two times lower than in the rest of the country. In addition, industries also have their own discount. All this has resulted in Plattsburgh rushed the miners of cryptocurrency, decided to make this city his base, as reported VladTime.

These operations consume a lot of electricity. In January and February, the miners of the cryptocurrency used so much electricity that it has hit the residents of Plattsburgh. Their accounts grew by $ 100-200, and the municipality received many complaints. In the end, the city authorities have decided to ban the mining of cryptocurrency for 18 months. The law remains in force has not entered, but is expected to be approved in the near future.

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