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Easter island will soon sink together with ancient sculptures

MComp 16.03.2018 at 16:11

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Experts predict Easter island and the ancient gigantic statues, located on the coast, a quick death. This plot of land will soon be under water due to global warming.

Scientists give the island a maximum of a few decades. Already in 2100 the water in the ocean rises two meters from the current level, which will lead to flooding of the island with the statues-the moai. The so-called sculptures in the form of a human head. Care of the land in ocean depth will start the process of erosion.

Scientists are sounding the alarm, because the sculptures are on the verge of destruction. Most of them are located directly at the water's edge. The water will leave the ceremonial platform Tongariki with 15 sculptures of different sizes. The water closed and on the Bay beach of Anak, famous for its coral sand. Another platform offers rooms with – also under threat of flooding. In this area are already destroyed statue.

the Natives are trying to construct a barrier that will not allow water to absorb coast and local shrines. However, scientists do not believe that the wall is effectively protected from the ocean. The authorities of the island offer an alternative to move the statue away from the shore.

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