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Audi joined the development of the flying car Airbus

MComp 16.03.2018 at 16:11

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German premium brand Audi has joined the development of the Airbus a flying car Pop.Up. It is noted that the company from Ingolstadt will be responsible for the design of new products, which should be more premium and attractive.

within the limits of passing these days auto show in Geneva the premiere of the new flying car Pop.Up Next, which is developed by company Audi. It should be noted that in technical terms the model is a little different from the standard Airbus Pop.Up, the new concept has received a stylish look from designers Audi.

it is Worth mentioning that the Airbus conceptual Pop.Up is a high-tech contraction, which consists of passenger module and two removable modules – the first part of the model allows to move on the roads, but wheels can be replaced by a module with a four-lobed motors.

Pop New Airbus.Up is a fully Autonomous device, which is driven by a fully electric motor. According to media reports, on the shoulders of the engineers of Audi will fall the task of developing a more versatile motor, as well as ensuring a rapid transition from ground mode to flying.

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