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A review of the animated film "Sherlock Gnomes" Reviews 15.03.2018 at 09:38

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Gnoms, Sherlock searches for the kidnapped garden gnomes that are included in the time of endless disputes gnomeo and Juliet - waiting in the wings; a worthy sequel to a great cartoon with the melodies of Elton John.

"is the Greatest detective of all time" Sherlock, Hnoms "sworn to protect garden gnomes of London" - and fail to act on their mass disappearance of home gardens. Of course, he suspects that the treacherous kidnapping is his worst enemy, Moriarty, embodying his "Sistine chapel evil plans" based on past cases inevitably obygryvaya his opponent.

gnomeo and Juliet, relentlessly following the famous detective who utterly neglects his faithful assistant, Watson, is also going through a difficult period of conflict of interest, but as you know, lovers ' tiffs are harmless.

the Trailer of the animated film "Sherlock Gnomes"

"Sherlock, Gnomes" is a charming cartoon, it is appropriate first of the series and in spirit, and in mood, and songs. "Gnomeo and Juliet" is, of course, love for life (if you don't, read no further), but the continuation was rather pleasant.

While comparing both parts do not make sense. As it usually happens, the first time a big role was a truly pleasant surprise (Oh, look, garden gnomes!!!), besides an adult audience it was interesting to watch a highly original and vigorous interpretation of the eternal and unbearable number of times estepanova Shakespeare plot.

the Feature animated film "Sherlock Gnomes": "How to draw Sherlock"

a New picture in this respect is perceived "difficult": on the one hand, gone is the surprise effect, but on the other - has significantly complicated the plot. Let the detective component and seems simple (to figure out who was behind the mysteries, in the first seconds), but this is deceptive: the surprises will still. Besides, this is a parody not so much on Conan Doyle, but on the TV series with Benedict Cumberbatch (including direct quotations, especially failed the "mind Palace" in the black-and-white graphics) - adds "Sherlock Gnome" shades.

the quality of both incarnations of the cartoon worthy of each other: the dwarfs as a live - and at the same time, and true dwarfs. Again, what you'd expect, is full of the music of Elton John (up to "spy" call "Tiny Dancer") - and rightly so: the younger generation should be taught the classics from an early age (the Maestro himself is also present in the frame: a photo of the missing dwarves, there are "crank for a little piano"). In General - and fun and exciting.

the Feature animated film "Sherlock Gnomes": "How to draw Watson"

"Sherlock, Hnoms" good as tour of London: moved to the capital, gnomes in search of the kidnapped friends run past many of its attractions. The natural history Museum, Gallery of modern art, traitors Gate at the tower of London, tower bridge - all this, of course, can be seen in a feature film, but it is likely that the small audience for the first time to check out this beauty right here remembering these wonderful places as "where the dwarfs were."

the Feature animated film "Sherlock Gnomes": "Like animated Sherlock Gnomes"

Note also Moriarty in the form of a stick, dark-skinned Irene Adler with a song performed by Mary J. Blige (please note that the Museum of toys toy drink tea without water!), Sherlock and Juliet, forced to depicting a squirrel, and combined with danger the visit of Chinese toys and the corresponding source falling on the background of a waterfall.

it is a Pity only, that of the cutest gnomes (gunshow) is not to make a new version of minions - you would think for promotional material and as a result their role is to eyeliner, "get Ready, you are waiting for the scandals, intrigues, investigation." But it is, perhaps, the better to not distract from the rapid action.

the Feature animated film "Sherlock Gnomes": "How to draw Guns"

"Imagine how many adventures waiting for us!" says Gnomeo Juliet, getting accustomed to the new place they live. Fortunately, he did not disappoint, and the creators of the cartoon not blundered.

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