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Pencil skirt – to combine the most popular skirt 14.03.2018 at 18:04

How to choose a pencil skirt?

the pencil Skirt has long been a frequenter of basic wardrobe most fashionistas from around the world. However, how to choose the perfect pencil skirt for yourself?

Before you make a purchase, you should pay attention to the following points:

— pencil Skirt should not be too tight, you should be comfortable and breathe and move and bend over. However, in this case, the skirt should not hang over your figure, creating the impression of a certain lack of discipline.

— If during the fitting you noticed that skirt Bouncing up and always ride up when walking, then this is a sure sign that the thing's too small for you or the pattern does not match your body type.

to the presence and movement in the skirt made of thick fabric were not inconvenienced you, choose a model with a split. Most often, the incision meets in the back, sometimes the front or side.

Remember, the pencil skirt should not hang on the hips, you need to see to it that the landing was either on the waist or above.

— Think about why exactly you need a skirt to work with a strict dress code or for everyday life. If the first option – it is better to give preference to models calm laconic tones, for example, the classic black, grey or Navy blue, beige or brown. And if you are not burdened with office rules, then you can safely choose a pencil skirt bright colors or any print.

— When buying a skirt don't forget to take into account the fact that light colors are fattening a few figure, and the dark contrast – conceal a couple of inches. So, if you are the owner of magnificent forms, then give preference to black, dark gray, dark green and blue shades.

If you have a pretty fragile Constitution and hips size small, skirt with print, for example, with flower, able to round out your shapes. Accordingly, if the volume of your hips and without that not small, it is best not to wear a skirt with a pattern, especially large, otherwise the bottom part will look too massive.

the Principal of a pencil skirt

in Order to make it easier to choose and how to navigate among the huge variety of clothes, we prepared for you a short description of the main types of pencil skirts.

so, depending on the color there are:

— Solid. The most versatile and simple – a black pencil skirt. For bold girls the perfect solution is a red pencil skirt. For lovers of soft good peaceful pastel shades, for example, dusty pink or sky blue.

is Printed. Romantic persons will appreciate skirts with floral motifs, and a lover of rigor and geometry choose something from the stripe or abstract print. Girls who love retro, definitely like the look of the skirt with the peas, both small and impressive size.

depending on the type of tissue pencil skirt is:

— Thick classics, the fabric of the skirt holds its shape, almost does not stretch and badly wrinkled. This pencil skirt will fit perfectly in an office environment and will be a wonderful base for a business lady.

Leather. Pencil skirt leather is definitely not for girls timid but for the bold and confident women.

— Denim. A wonderful option for every day, non-committal and rather universal.

— Knit. A pencil skirt of slim soft knitwear can afford exclusively the owner of a toned body, because otherwise this skirt will accentuate the shortcomings of the figure.

— Lace. This is truly the thing for lovers of romance, pencil skirt lace will make the image of lightness and emphasize the femininity and fragility of its owner.

what to wear With a pencil skirt?

you do not have to pick up some special clothes and buy a dozen things to make the image with a pencil skirt. This thing goes well with almost everything. Don't believe? Here you have several options:

— the pencil Skirt looks great with blouses and shirts tucked in. If in this combination you selected a skirt from printed fabric, the top of the set can be chosen to match one of the colours on the print of the skirt.

— Denim and leather pencil skirt is a smart, stylish and even a few daring looks with t-shirts, will be particularly successful mix of leather skirts and t-shirts with prints favorite music group.

— a Lace skirt can be combined with a blouse, off the shoulder, and Ludovisi sandals with thin straps. In the result you will get the most tender and feminine.

— Beautifully will look pencil skirt paired with a blouse with a peplum in a tandem, your body will become finely chiselled, waist – expressive, and his thighs are rounded.

— the pencil Skirt with high waistline is friends with crop tops, you don't have to fill it, in contrast to the same mix with a shirt, for example, denim.

the more cold season in a mix of skirt+shirt can easily add a cardigan or fitted jacket.

— is Particularly well paired with a pencil skirt will look and outerwear to the smell or simply with a belt at the waist.

— the pencil skirt, which is a rather tightly-fitting shape, fitting and harmoniously will look blouses and sweaters oversized, therefore, the trimming image. You remember the unwritten rule – narrow bottom wide top, and Vice versa?

For more sports set, for example, in the genre of sport-chic, you can wear a pencil skirt paired with switchcom, but note that it should not be for sport, but only stylized in the subject.

— Rush for a meeting or date and don't know what to wear with a skirt? Win – win situation- vest or any other striped shirt, but keep in mind that the strip must not be too broad.

Leather skirt, t-shirt with red letters, they clutch and matching sandals in black-red-gold colours

Striped t-shirt in soft colours, peach pencil skirt and clutch bag, white shoes

Spacious black blouse, skirt with leaf print, black clutch and brown shoes

Denim shirt, massive gold necklace, white pencil skirt, bag LV and dusty pink shoes

Black t-shirt, white skirt with floral print and gray suede shoes with straps

gentle Beige blouse, white classic skirt, nadowa bag and shoes

t-Shirt khaki print, black skirt below the knee and lace-up sandals

Wine bodysuit with a deep neckline and shoes in the same tone, black leather pencil skirt and a clutch

White tank top with thin straps, grey skirt-cernadas, beige clutch and tonal sandals

Black-and-white blouse free cut, yellow skirt on the figure, white lace handbag and white pumps

White t-shirt with black print, purple skirt and white shoes

White jacket and tank top, pale peach skirt-cernadas and Nude sandals

Black t-shirt, bag and sandals in the mix with Nodaway skirt, formfitting

White shirt, black skirt, white coat with black cage sandals and black lace-up

What kind of shoes to choose a pair with a pencil skirt?

If with the clothing is all clear, the question of the shoes left open. So now we decide;)

so, what to wear with pencil skirt?

— the Perfect mix will make a pencil skirt and pumps, they can be as versatile sudovye and black or any bright color.

— In hot summer period shoes can be seen on sandals with a thin or chunky heel. If you are not too tall, it is better to choose a model of soft colours and without straps.

In the cold season, you can prefer ankle boots or botfortas on the heel. Please note that this Shoe should not be folded in the accordion.

— Tall and slender girls can afford to wear a pencil skirt with flat move, for example, loafers, sneakers, sneakers, espadrilles and pointed ballet flats. But ladies with a curvaceous figure and short stature is still better to avoid the combination of the pencil skirt and shoes without a heel, otherwise you risk to look squat and awkward.

Now, knowing all the nuances of choice and wear this skirt, you will easily be able to have more than a dozen stylish with this garment!

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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