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How to transform the shape through the skirt with peplum 15.03.2018 at 17:30

Who can wear a skirt with peplum?

Despite the fact that the peplum was part of the exclusively male costume, in the modern world clothing peplum (tops, dresses, skirts) – it's part of the female wardrobe.

the Skirt peplum are able to transform the shape, but there are those who should be give up this kind of decor. Skinny girls with curvy and rounded hips, this model will be able to create the illusion of shape "hourglass".

the Winner is athletic and slender figure can afford to wear a mini and Maxi skirt with a peplum. But girls with outstanding forms better to give preference to models slightly below the knee or MIDI, to expose the narrowest part of the leg.

Skirt with peplum in floor can not afford a girl model parameters. This length is worn only with heels.

Ladies with type figure "pear" it is better to choose a skirt with a peplum from dense, well holding the form of the material, always with a high waistline that visually make it narrower. No knit, frequent folds and softness, all this will only increase the problem areas and make the lower part of the figure more massive.

the Girls with the type of rectangle shapes, this skirt can draw the missing amount of the hips to create a waist and bring the body to its harmonious proportions.

Mint blue mini skirt with peplum

Pink shirt, skirt with peplum in blue and white Chevron, a massive brown bag and white shoes

Blue shirt, yellow skirt with peplum, black bag and shoes

Orange t-shirt, skirt with peplum in floral print, chunky jewelry in the orange-blue range

Black tank top, Maxi skirt, peplum deep purple hue, black shoes

Black peplum skirt, a white shirt and beige shoes

Black skirt with peplum white blouse with black print and black lace-up

pale pink skirt with a voluminous peplum white blouse, black thin strap sandals black

Grey t-shirt, beige jacket and red skirt with peplum

White delicate blouse with short sleeves, floral skirt with peplum in pink tones, clutch bag and necklace to match the skirt, white sandals

How to choose a skirt with a peplum?

with a strict dress code, choose monochrome models calm laconic shades: black or grey, made of thick crease-resistant material and a peplum mid-length, without a lot of frills and folds.

If you select a skirt with a peplum for summer wardrobe and Dating, pay attention to the options with a floral print. Owner of slender legs can choose a model length mini.

If you have a weak waist, look for skirts with a high waistline and curvy peplum.

Girls with magnificent forms you need to choose a skirt of thick, opaque fabric, soft lace and knit fabrics. Give preference to the strict silhouette, length below the knee and smooth small baška, covering the widest part of the hips.

Before you buy remember to check how well sewn the peplum to the skirt.

a White blouse, blue printed skirt with peplum nodoby clutch and shoes

White shirt, grey skirt with peplum and belt, black bag and black and white shoes

a White blouse, off-shoulder, skirt with peplum in black and white and black shoes

Denim shirt, pink skirt with peplum and beige pumps

White t-shirt, leopard print belt, a bright orange skirt, black massive bag and beige shoes

Black Mike nadowa leather skirt with big peplum and black lace-up

a Peach blouse with lace, pale pink cardigan, a blue skirt with peplum, beige bag and Golden sandals

Black tank top with thin straps and a red skirt with peplum houndstooth

a White blouse, leather pencil skirt with peplum and black lace-up

Lace skirt with peplum white sleeveless blouse and beige shoes with a black nose

Black turtleneck, grey jacket and grey tight skirt with peplum

Skirt with peplum Bordeaux hue and blouse with a delicate print

Types of skirts with peplum

depending on the color of the skirt with the peplum is often:

— Black. Classic black pencil skirt with a peplum will be for you a real lifesaver. As the saying goes, and in the feast and in the world.

— Red. This skirt is for girls who are not afraid to draw attention to themselves. Best suited women athletic.

— White. This color paired with peplum round shape skinny girls and will add harmony. To combine this skirt best with things the pastel colors.

Blue. This color is so as pertinent in the life of an office worker.

— Grey. Skirt with peplum grey shade will fit in closet and a business lady, and a romantic person.

— Bright colors: fuchsia, yellow, orange. This peplum skirt is great for summer. The bright color paired with peplum with ease balance proportions of girls with a figure like a rectangle.

is printed. Most often, these models of skirts are sewn from floral and striped fabric, sometimes with a geometric print. The skirt pattern is good for a fragile young ladies and undesirable for owners of magnificent forms.

depending on the length there are skirts with peplum:

— Mini. This model is suitable only for tall and slim girls.

— knee Length. Will suit both high and girl of average height, fragile, rounded physique with a slender smooth legs.

MIDI. The perfect length skirt with a peplum for girls with magnificent forms, as it bares the most fragile and delicate part of the calf and the ankle.

— Maxi. This length of skirt with peplum will fit a skinny tall girl. If you're an athletic build, but average height, then paired the skirt with peplum in floor definitely put on shoes with high heels.

Mint skirt with peplum beige tank top with red print and beige pumps

Neon skirt with the peplum, below the knee, a green tank top and sudovye shoes

Denim shirt, skirt with peplum mint hue, a silver clutch and sandals with a massive heel

White shirt, black skirt with peplum and lace-up

Skirt peplum with flower pattern, orange shirt and shoes, blue necklace and bag

Gray tank top, white mini skirt with peplum black handbag and sandals with thin straps

White shirt, bright skirt with peplum and an abstract print black ankle boots with open nose

laconic White blouse, black skirt with peplum clutch and black patent pumps

Striped blouse with long sleeves, black mini skirt with peplum black bag and beige shoes

how to combine a skirt with a peplum?

Skirt with peplum combine exclusively with short or tucked top.

Classic, simple colors (black, blue), pastel (dusty pink, sky blue) and bold bright colors (orange, yellow) look good with a white shirt or blouse. To complete the look can be fun necklace, pendant or a scarf.

White, black and red skirt with a peplum will look great with a vest, and a scarlet lipstick and manicure will be a wonderful highlight.

Skirt print look good with a plain shirt in one of the colors of the pattern.

you Can combine a t-shirt in a linen style with pastel shades of gray, white or beige skirt with peplum.

In the cold season skirts with peplum can be mix with Golf or jumper, but they should not be knit. Tuck them into the skirt or choose a shortened version.

Skirt in blue and white colors look stylish with a denim jacket. Accessories you can pick up in blue or red colours, and for summer is perfect braided details, for example, a handbag.

Shoes sets with skirt peplum is necessary to choose a heel, heels or wedges, the options are to go low will make you look too squat.

Black top, skirt with peplum calm colors with the print, gently-persicae clutch and shoes in the same tone

t-Shirt with floral print, solid white bag, white skirt with the peplum and the yellow sandals

Plaid shirt, black skirt with peplum, black shoes and chunky jewelry

Black hat and shirt, red skirt with peplum and blue shoes

White shirt and an orange skirt with peplum in floor

Yellow skirt with peplum silver top, purple hat, pink clutch and blue shoes

White t-shirt with black print skirt with peplum in floor with large flower pattern

Blue sweater, wine skirt, peplum with floral motifs, wine handbag

White shirt and purple skirt with scalloped peplum

White lace blouse and long blue skirt with peplum

Black-and-white crop top, and a chunky necklace, black skirt with peplum, gold clutch and beige shoes

Yellow blouse, black skirt with peplum and blue lace blue handbag and black shoes

Red lace blouse, pink skirt with a voluminous peplum and Nude pumps

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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