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"Worried whether Putin will win" the social network hot on the heels of the election

Radio Liberty 18.03.2018 at 21:20

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Day, which waited so long indifferent Russian public came and even now over! However, let's be honest - have to win! After treatment, about one third of the ballots the result of Putin was about 73%, Grudinina about 15%, Zhirinovsky-a little less than 7%. Their other participants, nobody jumped over the bar at two percent. Andrey Gromov: it Seems still 73, and I was sure that there will be 72.. still unpredictable elections Olga Tuhanina Referendum about trust to someone you know took place, what can I say. Yegor Kholmogorov: General election result is clear and can be described in one word: sverigedirekt. It certainly does not mean: do what you want. The result was secured missile speech, a threat to crack the globe if it will be without Russia rally in Sevastopol and threats of the British. These facts represent a corridor of popular support. Tatiana Shabaeva: When you look at these results, I see a candidate who could gain the least 25% of the vote. He could do for him, objectively, is the audience. The audience is there. There is no candidate. Grudinin has done everything to not become such a candidate. However, given how much effort would be applied to prevent it in solidarity of the protest-maybe not would be the chances of such a candidate. But this is what is called stage two. And we are, objectively, not passed and the first. Daria Mitina: Communist party-sheep prove to me that 14% is success. Supposedly, moved to Zyuganov would receive 6% would be third after zhirik. I tell them, would put the Nobel laureate Alferov, would receive 30%. Though not the second round, but not a damned shame, as it is now. Nod do not object to being addressed. Konstantin Krylov: I Wonder whether the candidates are sincere followers and fans who believed in their victory? Well, at least - hanged if any of that suraykin became President? Quite a lot of posts about how cute and good it was in parts of themselves. Natalia Sokolova: Amazing, in my opinion, today there was an atmosphere on our area, I don't remember, seriously. In Soviet times, we went quickly to do something mandatory, but some secret feeling of unease, as the tests in the box to pass - it is necessary, of course, it happens but then I want to get distracted and forget. In the nineties someone angrily walked, someone ran a flame under the invisible banner, and feeling the Lord of history, the word passionately voted, with a twinkle, and in areas clearly smelled of gunpowder and ozone. Then 15 years I did not go. che was there - I don't know. And today - the audience on the Boulevard leisurely walks, the sun smiles in the lobby of the plot here tekinski the counter with Nobel vkusnostjami, aunts these ballots, which are usually as much from the fossil state is sitting squint, how funny cats and just don't knit cozy. Lazy and totally narrow-minded atmosphere. And the impression that people now for the evening will cover at home generous how would a festive table-cloth, upset, zehraster and will probably - slowly and rasslablenno. Because all right, all right, and all will be well still a decent chunk of time - whether it is a quiet celebration of Lyapota and seasonable vozdusey! Irina Alksnis: Here! And I have similar experiences. Political analysts and experts have already started to disassemble the components of success and say, in General, absolutely true words - and the literate technology of mobilization, and about the gift of hitting the Brits and other Americans, triggered by the same mobilization, and about much more. But these components there is nothing that could explain a very calm and relaxing atmosphere in today's vote. For the whole country will not speak, I will say for the plot. There was nothing from "stand shoulder-to-shoulder", "unite, brothers," etc. There was something like "here to vote now and then go out on the Boulevard take a walk or to the Park, take a trip, and then go to the store and buy something tasty, and go home and there we'll drink tea, watch a movie, learn about the results as nagolosovali, and sleep, work tomorrow - living the life, all we have is good and will be fine." Stanislav Yakovlev: precinct 1611, textile workers, street Saratov. We have here a dense, progress comes with a delay, so no electoral fashionable electronics and design miracles could not be found, even instead of booths - a simple cardboard stand. Or is it plywood? In General, the situation of the economy class. But the people are Golden. Don't know how to describe this atmosphere - cozy? Maybe "home" yet. Very sweet, good-natured, calm. "Visiting a loving grandmother." Voters are also present, though not too crowded. What - I ask people how many were today. "Oh, you!", answer. "In the morning I sit, unfold it once, maybe only half an hour ago for the first time managed to translate the spirit". We have a place dense. But cute. Although like is also not for everyone. Vyacheslav Danilov: much To the dismay of buckwheat for 20 rubles was not, delicious pies, too, but it was sprats in tomato sauce and sandwiches for 30 rubles with smoked sausage. In General, did not buy anything. Gift I also no not given, but the COP was osmolal. And all this moronic songs about Moscow. In short, these are your elections I did not like, I will no longer walk on them. Indeed, one of the main subjects of this campaign was a struggle for attendance. The outcome of this story is not so straightforward. On the one hand, a cheerful report on the high turnout, on the other hand, it is proposed to take a closer look at the numbers. Yevgeny Minchenko: Pre-high turnout in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation. Components of success: 1. Cleaning of voter lists; 2. Corporate mobilization; 3. The information campaign; 4. The presence among candidates of figures with radically Pro-Western rhetoric and high disapproval ratings and a campaign to boycott Alexei Navalny, who together created much needed for the campaign image of the enemy; 5. Foreign political mobilization against the background of the conflict with the West; 6. The inclusion in some regions, municipal and regional agenda through a system of local referendums; 7. The ability to attach to areas of the place of stay. Paul Cakes: it is Time to draw some preliminary conclusions. While brief, still let's wait for the final results, especially in the biggest cities. - Appearance (without cities and major cities) than predicted and higher than in the last presidential election. One of the reasons - foreign mobilization after the "case of the Skripal" (Russian unity against the unity of Western elites). - A boycott of the elections did not work as was originally incorrect rate leader for the youth. Already many times wrote - young people in Russia is small, and each year will be less. The average Russian is about 40 years, and he is only to age (by 2030 it will be 45 years). For politicians it is now the most important category of 35-50 years old. (By the way, not only for politicians but also for the media and social networks, retailers and all business and "third sector") Oleg Wheat: Under such attempts and convulsions turnout 59% passing in messages is not good. It's not national unity, and apparent sabotage. But nothing prevents under the cover of night from the forest shelters to pop up another 10 percent ukrepivshis and podkreplyalisj and dense Packed bundles of ballots to dive into electronic belly Cohiba. Boris Vishnevsky: Waiting for results. If part of the democratic electorate would not be sitting at home they definitely would have been different. No monitoring can not replace the high turnout democratic voter. Only she could show that we are many and we must be considered, But there were many who called for a boycott and happily put on the avatar contemptuous "I don't vote". Well, non-voting, receive and sign for result : tomorrow you will talk about the vast superiority of Putin. And start even more wobbly nuts. If this helped you, Putin, and the crackdown on themselves will be felt by all. And do not say that you did not expect and did not know. Three months we warned you that it will. You don't want to listen. But life goes on. Maybe the lesson is someone to teach. Thanks to all who supported us and to all who worked in the company Yavlinsky. You are great lads and I am proud of you all! And be sure to come the moment of victory. It will have to work more and better. But no other way. Cyril Lyats: the boycott Supporters, including me, suffered a crushing defeat. The turnout of 61% in line of Moscow of the PEC. This is not the end. People come and go. And not ones that could be accused of bias: ordinary people, one Yes, couples... you Can say a lot about the people, but there's still an hour and a half for those who have the PEC number. It is unlikely that your voice will save the situation, but at least you try! Stanislav Shkel: Boycott, of course, failed. But all these enthusiasm about the stunning appearance is also very strange.

While the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation fixes the turnout at 60 %. In 2012 it was 65%. That is a powerful administrative pressure, sandwiches cakes on the site and other carnival delights, but in the end, minus 5. What marvel then? That is not delighted regarding the actual turnout for the presidential election which is quite normal and a relief that the boycott failed. Alexander Ryklin: the Boycott failed? Are you fools or what?! My personal result was 100%! I'm in the shameful farce do not participate! Zoya Svetova: Watch "Rain", listen to Dima Oreshkin, which is flush against the boycott and said that, if my party of silent ones, the party of the boycott got off the couch and came to the polls, Ksenia Sobchak scored in Moscow not 5% and 8 %. I have a question: with all due respect to Ksenia Sobchak,and to me why these percentages? What's in it for me? For me, this is not an election, it is a fake, a farce and a nonsense. And this is my personal protest. This election is not Sobchak, not Yavlinsky. This election of Putin. And I'm tired of it to choose. And in reverse you can't stop me. And even my favorite games. not convinced. When will real elections, previous municipal, for example. I will come, come out against the boycott. I promise! Democratic procedures cannot unlearn. And here we come to another important topic: the results of the so-called "liberal" (options - democratic, independent, opposition, but they are contested) candidates. This, of course, about Ksenia Sobchak and Grigory Yavlinsky. Dmitry Agranovsky: the Main result of the election is that the liberals in electoral terms in Russia no longer exists. And this, comrades, I will, of course, congratulations to all! Yevgeny Ikhlov: I don't understand the unhappy Yavlinsky, because he was still on the result of September 2016. Submerged the Communists and Zhirinovsky (but they are not opposed to Putin). But artificial surge in turnout, which gave a significant gender imbalance, helped Sobchak. Formally, it won Yavlinsky. However, this result cannot be converted to a meaningful political project because he is a figment of de-ideologized female solidarity. Sobchak, however, quickly turned the discussion with the final numbers on his quarrel with the Bulk. The transcript of their conversation published "Medusa" Kseniya Sobchak: I came on the air to offer Alexei Navalny after the election to agree on cooperation. I invite Alex in our new party that we create with Dmitry Gudkov. The opposition is divided, we must unite, despite our different views. Alexei Navalny: Ksenia, you're the one — part false rigging scheme that did not allow me to the polls. All your doing is disgusting. You're a telegram Putin sent when the polling station came out? I refuse to cooperate with you. I have no common cause. These so-called elections, you proved yourself a champion of hypocrisy. You came to my house at two in the morning and said offer me a lot of money for the nomination. You lie in every word. Sobchak: We must do what we can. Participation in elections is a compromise. I'm going to do. Come join. You could use me as an instrument of struggle. Who's stopping you? You know that neither I nor you would have won. You lost the opportunity. It's just stupid. Bulk: We're not on the same side. You're a tool of Putin. Alexander Centurion: the case when is ready to subscribe under words of Navalny. Business Sobchak disgusting and vile. Olga Iris: Sobchak, Navalny reproduces linguistic aesthetics ‘place of execution’ Home 2: psychological manipulation, unsolicited advice ‘expert in everything’, the theatrical sighs and a great PR Sergei Medvedev: If very short, is politics, and there is a talk show. What makes Bulk-this is politics. The boycott of the elections-it is the policy and collect political community. And elections, Putin, Sobchak, Titov, this here clown "party"-a talk show. These elections become the point of divorce of the state and citizens Igor eydman: in Addition to "the election of Putin" today is played license for leadership in the system of the liberal opposition. Contenders two: Sobchak and Yavlinsky. If one of them will get a decent result, it is possible that he (she) will allow some time to pose as the leader of the Russian liberals. I absolutely do not care who gets and will get anyone a license. In any case, participation Sobchak and Yavlinsky in the fight for it helps Putin to issue for the election this obscene farce. Another reason not to vote today. Kirill Shulika: I'm stoked to Yavlinsky did not take 3%. You know why? Because I don't want my taxes to keep her meaningless party that withdraws the rollers for pandas. I want failed Sobchak. Because this is a parody of the opposition. This is literally the plot of a bad Comedy. Besides, she lied. That even now, Navalny said that closed the dump in Volokolamsk. Yes... Let it stay on Bulk. Nothing bad no such desire. Moreover, now Sobchak wants to cling to him. She came to him to ask to join. So, my children, dearly beloved, this is multilocale! Without any options - those who today want to marry Navalny, Sobchak, Yavlinsky, Kasyanov and others, they Murzilki. There is a conscious that work is misguided. But the authorities have two ways of fighting with the popular Navalny (who is in Moscow, 27% gained?) a plant, but it is dangerous, do not know the behavior of supporters, or to marry him terribly unpopular and toxic agreed with the Kremlin's liberal politicians. And I am very glad, that Alex is not conducted in this old democratic hurdy-gurdy "let's all come together". It is common policy in this way. Alexander Vinokourov: I Watch the debate Navalny and Sobchak. A sad result of the election of the company. I think that Sergey Kirienko now just get a "five". Neither Surkov nor Volodin is failed. Curious: Navalny accuses Sobchak for advertising black caviar in Instagram, said that the presidential candidate you can't do that; Sobchak says she just earns her living in the townhouse and asks Bulk, and how he earns; Navalny said that he declared, but the question does not meet. Lev Simkin: a Fierce argument Sobchak and Navalny (the jellyfish) – nothing like the struggle of the liquidators and Otzovists known to us veterans, from a short course of the history of our former party. Gleb Cherkasov: the Most interesting and instructive debate of the campaign happened after polling stations closed. That in full very this campaign and describes Varvara Turova: Another piece of naive nonsense from the layman. No one has done so much to force me to support Navalny, Putin. (well, OK, not to support, but at least to get down, yeah). And no one has done so much to make me genuinely sympathize with Ksenia Sobchak, as a Bulk right now on TV Rain. Lame, boorish, shovels stone age, and not a method of debate. I would now be written, of course,that will never,never see him my vote, but given described in this post above already I will not renounce. And again. I didn't go to the polls today. NOT for them to boycott, NOT to lower voter turnout. The idea is not to go for this reason, it seems to me, well, to put it mildly, naive. It is clear that the appeals "not to go" were heard there, in a cozy (Moscow) on Facebook, at the time, as calls to "walk" came the shouts from each iron. resources dissemination of information are not comparable. I didn't go solely because I can't participate in this phony and fraud. Understand, honestly, to hear arguments against this position, hear the accusations of idealism, but I can't. But if I went today I would have voted for Ksenia Sobchak. Yesterday I was sure that I will never write. But for me today the situation has changed. Point of view has changed. And I just want this here to fix. I can't participate in the elections. But if Xenia will choose to continue his political activities - I'll try to treat it carefully. And will probably support it. Maria Baronova Is: God! Thank Sobchak and Allah Akbar! Finally found the person who did it. Navalny said publicly what many of us might like to say Bulk Sobchak in the air the first normal debate about the future of Russia: "Alex! You're a strong and brave man! The only thing stopping you is your anger and pettiness, let's you get through this and together we will make a lot." (the ending is not exact, but the meaning was the same) Bulk, as a talented, but Moody and hormonal teenager male sex is extremely important to put in place NORMAL people. (And an enema to do, yeah). It is clear that when a brother is sitting on a pile of Slovak unfair, and the state pursues its activists across the country, and he and his closest supporters are beginning to firmly believe in the correctness of all his actions and simply lose control over yourself.

This is actually a biochemical process that resulting from constant exposure to cortisol and other "stress hormones" on the body. All this is necessary to understand how its current and former supporters, tired of this behavior rude teenage boy, bullied all the girls and lowering the total progress of all normal people of liberal views. Dmitry Gudkov: My position here, however, coincides with the position of Xenia: the opposition must unite. Despite black caviar, the desire to be the main ambition. Otherwise, we divide a skin of not killed bear from the "United Russia" – and he kicked us out of his house. Alexander Kanev: Liberal ghetto in all its glory (3% at all) , but also around its electoral weights calling to unite. Apparently to drown Fedor Ezeev: I'm here for myself suddenly have formulated that a politician needs or use an existing political system or to prepare its destruction. Politically active citizen or to vote or to make nitroglycerin in my basement. So Navalny, for example, he is not a politician. The revolution he is clearly not prepared and systematically boycotting the elections. Was a politician in 2013, but now has gradually ceased. That is, there is nothing wrong in not going to elections because you are not interested in politics in General. It's okay, I'm not interested in fashion and fashion shows do not go. But to say that you are a fashion designer and at the same time from year to year call to boycott fashion shows is um... Alexey Tabalov: Conclusion: some of the dirty, deceitful and dishonest elections! Alex Lebedinsky: Odessa radio asked who won the elections in Russia. For the first time in 40 years Odessa radio said not a joke, and a minute of silence. Viktor Shenderovich: the Main thing, as on the night of 19 March – Russia remains in the hands of the weak, thieving and is quite bloody power, in a state of declared war with the civilized world. You can start the festivities. Which, as a rule, is preceded by national disasters.