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Fresh jokes for 18.03.2018 (48 pieces)

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Vanya and Manya Wake up after the wedding night. Vanya:

- Manya, your mother swore that you are a girl...

- Che, right, and swore?

- Straight, and swore!

- Oh, this is awkward...


If poverty reduction is to come from the mind,it can be slightly rich.


the arms Race is when you first proud of the nuclear shield of the Motherland, then long on the shelves remain the same, only banks with sea Kale.


Grudinin – radish. Red outside, white inside.


Miser pays only when lady say, "Yes."


How much water impurity, and sour cream still will not...


Sherlock, how did You manage to solve this complicated case?

Elementary, my dear Watson, compared the list of recipients of visas from Russia last month with an extraordinary order on awarding military ranks in GRU this month.


After the message of Putin, nobody in the world will not dare to violate the license of the Studio "Souzmultfilm"...


If, on 18 March, half of voters prikolica by placing a tick opposite to a surname of Sobchak, considering that they are unique jokers, in the next few years we will be living witnesses funny show-Duo tramp - Sobchak. Will not be bored!


Died Stephen Hawking. The next day after the funeral, the Pope talked about something on the phone with Patriarch Kirill and the Vatican convened a conference of scientists - astrophysicists from around the world.


- We, the representatives of the Christian world, wanted to confirm his hypothesis of the creation of the Earth, but did not want to upset Steven - he was trying so hard with his Big Bang... Now he's not with us and we can tell it like it is.

there is a small gray-haired old man, adjusts the microphone and begins:

- the first day I created the heavens and the earth...