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John 5 shares memories of the meeting with cliff Burton 19.03.2018 at 11:37

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Today's rock stars have so many secrets. They all have accounts in social networks where you can daily monitor their life or purchase any VIP package to mingle with the stars before the tour.

In the 80-ies these these services did not exist. You couldn't just "tweet" cliff Burton (Cliff Burton). You can find him in the backstage of the concert vocal-instrumental ensemble "Metallica." And this is exactly what John 5 was going to do.

the guitarist of the band "Rob Zombie" John William Lowery (John William Lowery), better known under the pseudonym of John 5 (John 5), told the magazine "Revolver Magazine" about his crazy idea to go backstage and at least a few moments to chat with cliff:

"I was going to attend the concert of "Metallica" twice: when they opened the concert Ozzy (Ozzy Osbourne) round of the "Ultimate Sin" at the site of Joe Louis arena (Joe Louis Arena) and later at Pine Knob. I remember I paid someone. And I just went backstage! I don't many people talk about it, don't know why, because it's a pretty cool story, but I remember I was backstage and talked with cliff. And I remember how he dried the hair. He combed his hair and dried them after the show. He wore flared jeans. I've never seen. I thought, "Man, I really love your band and you guys are the coolest." I just talked to him! It was really weird. For me it was something special. Sure enough."

John 5 Also spoke about his favorite album of Metallica:

"I heard "Kill 'Em All" and I heard "Ride the Lightning". But — and people can kill me for it — they changed my life. But then I heard "Master of Puppets". And that's all. He is my obsession. I think it was the greatest event. Production, how they play, all of it... Then when I heard "Battery" and "Damage, Inc", I became completely obsessed. I loved everything that was played fast. And I loved everything that was done really well. I knew that these guys have something special and unusual."