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Semicoking as a lifestyle

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 21.03.2018 at 12:50

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Regardless if anyone is reading what I write, will continue.

so, in my last post I suggested to try and honestly answer the question "are you living your life or not." To answer based on their feelings.

this Question is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Some it even might be a surprise and cause a counter-question: "whose life am I living?"

many Options:

- you live the life imposed on you by society (the society),

- you live the life imposed on you by the family (parents, children, husband, wife),

, in the end, you live the life that you made up themselves, based on their ideas about how how to correctly (and this is not necessarily your life, that is the life that contributes to the realization of your destiny).

But how to find out if you were okay or not?

there is, moreover, quite simple and interesting.

you Probably know or at least heard about the life balance wheel.

remember that the life balance wheel is essentially a pie chart that reflects our lives here and now. Typically evaluated EIGHT major areas of life: HEALTH, FAMILY, RELATIONSHIPS, FINANCES, LEISURE, PERSONAL GROWTH, SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, VOCATION (CAREER).

In the ideal, that is, when we live in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world, all sectors will be equally or nearly equally developed and the diagram of the wheel will look quite pretty, that is balanced. That is why this chart is called a balance wheel.

But if any of the field we have "lame" (and usually several of these areas), then the wheel is instantly reflected. It looks crooked, askew and what kind of balance cannot be considered.

Want to know how are you getting on with the harmony of your life?

If Yes, then get to work.

Below you will find three pictures:

- the wheel of life balance with a detailed transcript of the eight areas,

- the wheel, which can be used by you,

- an example of a completed wheel.

Click on the pictures for enlarging them. If desired, all images you can download.

But the second picture it is necessary not only to download but also print. After that, fill it in, appreciating each of their areas on a ten point scale. Put one score, which tells you feel. Just do not think. Trust your feelings - they are not lying.

After all done, let's see what happens.

You are happy with the result or not?

In your opinion, your life is harmonious or not?

would you Like something to clean up?

All the questions write in this topic. Need be - create a closed group.

don't forget to click on pictures to enlarge and download.

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