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Plenary session of the State Duma on March 21

On the daily plenary session was chaired by Vyacheslav Volodin, Ivan Melnikov, Alexander Zhukov.

At the beginning of the session, the speeches of representatives of factions on topical socio-economic, political and other questions:

Gennady Zyuganov (Communist party), referring to the conduct of parallel vote tabulation, acknowledged the widespread victory of Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections in Russia.

"Putin is a man with a strong character, an experienced Manager and skillful tactics. Today the main task for all of us to do to deal with the country and improving the welfare of our citizens", - said the leader of the Communist party, noting the presence of a number of problems due to the fact that "the crisis continues to deepen, sanctions every day are more threatening, the division has acquired such dimensions, which is unacceptable in a normal country". Gennady Zyuganov urged to use the experience of the candidate Pavel Grudinina and program of the Communist party "20 steps" for the socio-economic development of the country.

Not recognizing the results of elections in Kemerovo, Mordovia, Kabardino-Balkar Republic and some districts of the Moscow region, Gennady Zyuganov has declared its intention "to conduct a comprehensive study and investigation", proposed to create a Commission to investigate violations.

To exit from the crisis Gennady Zyuganov proposed to consolidate the society in connection with the call of the danger of war and national security, to concentrate resources and to fight poverty. Also the leader of the faction of the Communist party insisted on the official meeting of the President with leaders of the factions to discuss the outcome of the elections and consideration of specific proposals.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky (LDPR), considering a proper discussion of the elections and recognizing the victory of the incumbent President, noted the personal involvement, criticized the pre-election debates and votes on the outcome of the election. In his opinion, if judged from the point of view of losses, the liberal democratic party has not lost anything.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky has indicated a number of violations in Lipetsk, and also proposed to amend the existing legislation, in particular, to raise the age of candidates up to 45 years, and made a number of other initiatives on access to state secrets, "life school" for the lack of a property and relatives abroad, a profession.

the Politician proposed the creation of a state Council to increase the powers of the Duma, to change the schedule to "the deputies could spend more time in the regions," to abandon the creation and funding of new parties.

Andrey Isaev (EP) commended the changes in the electoral law, the elections were called not only "the most important event of our political life, but also a major international event". "Presidential elections held in the Russian Federation, were fair, open and legitimate. Vladimir Putin's victory was well deserved and completely justified," he said.

the Deputy drew attention to the fact that the elections were an unprecedented number of observers "from all parties, and international observers," and observers from the Public chambers, the chambers were "closed" areas, which voted over 80%. As for the Cohiba, according to A. Isaeva, the opposition must decide whether they should be everywhere, or we need to abandon them. "In these elections there were 12 800 Cohiba, it is twice more than on elections of 2016, in the regions revealed no major differences between these and the usual Cohiba boxes" - he said.

As stressed by the first Deputy head of the faction, the election took place in conditions of unprecedented external pressure on our country. "It is particularly shameful were the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, which, in fact, helped the bandit to block access to a polling station our citizens, he said. - Inspired from abroad, the so-called strike of the electorate, judging by the turnout failed miserably".

A. Isaev drew attention to the fact that the presidential elections were presented to the entire political spectrum of Russia, I would like someone or not like. "All the political beliefs that, one way or another, formulated, were presented by various candidates. And it must be stated that the three candidates representing the neo-liberal course - Sobchak, Titov and Yavlinsky voted in the aggregate no more than 5% of the voters necessary for passage of parties in the State Duma. The people again rejected those who promote us "ideals" 90 years", - said the MP.

in addition, Andrey Isaev has drawn attention to the thesis of the Message, focusing on the social component. He recalled the words of the President that social problems must be solved not after economic will be solved, and simultaneously with them, and announced the next meeting of the working group established by all factions for the implementation of the address, under the chairmanship of Alexander Zhukov.

"on April 11 in this chamber we have a serious conversation with the Government about what needs to be done in order to work effectively the program proposed by the President, also said A. Isaev. But today we can say that the political situation in Russia stable, cohesive society, we are ready to answer all the existing external challenges. We have the resources in order to make a qualitative leap in economic development and in the quality of our lives."

Mikhail Emelyanov (WED) called "our victory" the success of the elections of the President, drawing attention to the unprecedented external pressure and sanctions against the Russian media abroad.

the MP said that "Fair Russia" in favor of a return to electoral blocs. "We propose to return to the practice blocks and to change the law in order that our country be able to form the blocks," said Mikhail Emelyanov, because, according to him, it will unite opposition forces, "to create a strong center-left opposition", as it is the request of the community.

the Deputy urged not to make the same bills, and to unite in a coalition, by creating a consultative body of opposition parties and supported the idea of Vladimir Zhirinovsky on a two-party system.

Rifat Shaikhutdinov (outside factions from the party "Civic platform") also assessed the elections as "a great vote of confidence" that the country will develop, enterprises will work and will pull that the President said in his Message to the Federal Assembly.

"is a jerk with this Government that is almost turned to the conciliation Commission in coordination of different kinds of financial interests", in manual operation, asked the Deputy, believing that we "should take from the message of any piece which he will personally engage, and to which he will refer to his personal case."

deputies Then returned to the consideration of bills first reading:

it started at the morning plenary session consideration of the draft law on strengthening administrative liability for the illegal issuance of permits for construction in protected areas - No. 226084-7 "On amendments to article 4.5 and 19.9 code of the Russian Federation about administrative offences" - the clarification is an administrative offense.

From the faction "United Russia" the bill was supported by Rafael Mardanshin. The representative "Fair Russia" Oleg Nilov has criticized the legislative initiatives of the Government, saying that "can not support even the concept of the bill," believing that "to stop the capture of the coastal areas of the Borodino field and this law is impossible, and the low penalty in 40 thousand only legitimate".

the Bill passed in the first reading, "for" - 387.

No. 313717-7 "On amendments to the Civil procedural code of the Russian Federation" - in terms of introducing a common legal regime for all cities of Federal value the initiative of the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol was presented by the Deputy of the State Duma Dmitry Belik.

According to him, Sevastopol as a Federal city, would be extended norms on the possibility of the introduction of the right of ownership of vacant property.

From the Committee on state building and law, the bill in the first reading supported Oleg Bykov.

the Bill passed in the first reading, "for" - 395.

No. 1039273-6 "On introducing amendments to article 217 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation", exempting from taxation the personal income tax of individuals income received from the sale of household paper, was presented by the author, the Deputy of the State Duma Alexander Fokin. As one of the arguments he has cited statistics.

the comments of the relevant Committee on the bill presented by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on budget and taxes Nadezhda Maksimova, believing it necessary to adopt it in the first reading to the second reading of the document "significantly refined".

In the discussion were: Nikolai Kolomeitsev, Sergei Ivanov, Oleg Nilov, Kirill Cherkasov, Valentin Shurchanov, Irina Guseva, Raisa Karmazin, Dmitry Ionin, Nikolay Ryzhak, Oleg Smolin, and other members, stated that the critical situation with the landfills of waste, its processing and disposal in all regions were interested in the novels of the bill, law enforcement in the future, encouragement for school children and other issues, and also proposed to develop similar incentives for collecting other types of waste.

the Bill was supported by representatives of all factions, noting that the discussion of a particular bill turned into a discussion of "trash reform" and environmental problems in General.

the Bill passed the first reading unanimously, "for" and 408.

No. 387183-7 "On amendments to article 20 of the Federal law "About preparation and carrying out in the Russian Federation of the FIFA world Cup 2018 FIFA, the confederations Cup, FIFA 2017 and amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation" and article 53 of the Federal law "On protection of competition".

the Legislative initiative of the Government of the Russian Federation to prevent unfair competition in the preparation and holding of the football world Cup was presented by the state Secretary – Deputy Minister of sports of Russia Natalia Parshikova.

the Bill was supported in the first reading the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on economic policy, industry, innovative development and entrepreneurship Alfiya Kogogin.

the Attraction to administrative responsibility, according to the bill will apply without prior notice. Such an order will operate during the Championships.

, participated In the discussion: Maxim Ivanov, Alexey Chicken, Vitaly Milonov. Deputies cited examples of violations of the law of the regional entrepreneurs. From factions supported the bill Victor Zobnev (EP) and Igor Toroshin (LDPR).

the Bill passed in the first reading, "for" - 397.

Bill No. 323535-7 "On amending the Federal law "On the procedure for exit from Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation" in terms of add-on cases for which a foreign citizen or a stateless person is not permitted entry into the Russian Federation was represented by Igor Divinsky. According to him, the foreigners, whose accounts are frozen in the fight against money laundering, will be denied entry into the country.

From the Committee on civil society development issues, public and religious associations, Ramil Issurin recommended that the bill make.

the discussion was attended by Airat Farrakhov and Victor Karamyshev.

the Bill passed in the first reading, "for" - 371.