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The deputies insist on the humane treatment of homeless animals in all cities of host world Cup 2018

On March 22, the State Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection, representatives of the Ministry of sports of Russia and the organizing Committee of the world football Championship-2018 transition to humane methods of regulation of number of stray animals in the cities-participants of the championship. During the meeting there were presented the report of the sports Ministry about the decision of the question - the construction of shelters for homeless animals.

the Committee recommended the inclusion of a built in regions of the animal shelters in the program "Heritage" of the world Cup along with other infrastructure.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Committee Vladimir burmatov directed inquiry addressed to the Minister of sport Pavel Kolobkov, to intervene in the situation with the mass murder of stray animals in the cities-participants of the 2018 world Cup. "We work on this subject began to be engaged from the very beginning, as soon as our Committee began EN masse to receive treatment caring people outraged by the murder of stray animals. At the moment, from the regions received more than a thousand of citizens. As you know, the petition to the responsible treatment of animals in the cities-participants of the championship gathered more than a million signatures. I personally signed a day to two hundred answers to citizens and public organizations", – said Vladimir Burmatov, stressing that the problem is not the championship, and municipalities, inefficiency of local authorities. "In fact, to sporting events it has a very indirect relationship, just because of the championship it has been attracted even greater public attention," – said the Deputy.

According to Vladimir Burmatova, in some regions already established practice for the humane treatment of homeless animals placed in shelters, sterilized, vaccinated, particularly in St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. "But a number of the subjects went the other way, producing a mass shooting of the animals that is a legitimate public reaction. Besides, it's significantly more expensive than their content in the shelters: we have evaluated the municipal contracts for animal killing and found out that they make tens of millions of rubles. It is the bloody business, which earned a lot of money," – said the MP.

According to the Deputy Minister of sports Pavel Novikov, the Agency is trying to do everything so that this problem was solved in close contact with the state Duma. Already several meetings have been held at the Vice-Prime Minister, the Government made recommendations to the participating cities for the 2018 world Cup to go to the humane methods of stray animals population control.

"On the proposal of Vladimir Burmatova, we will seek the inclusion of built in the regions of animal shelters in the program "Heritage" of the world Cup along with other infrastructure to be used by the regions after the end of the competition," said P. Novikov.

the Inclusion of shelters in the program will mean that the city authorities will have an additional motivation to create shelters, according to the members of the Committee on the environment, because after the season they can be further used by the regions, as well as stadiums, training bases, roads.

when Summarizing the discussion, Vladimir burmatov stressed that at the moment the municipalities have all the necessary legal framework to implement the recommendations of the Government. "A number of mayors, these recommendations heard. But there are those who have remained immune. So the question we have to deal with for a long time", – said the Chairman of the Committee on ecology and environmental protection.