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In the State Duma there was a discussion on the ways of development of competitive relations in the power industry

At the "round table" on "Issues of reform and development of competitive relations in the power industry" which the State Duma Committee on energy, chaired by Pavel Zavalny held on 22 March, experts have argued about the ways of development of competitive relations in the industry.

"the Development of competitive relations in the power sector - a prerequisite of the industry's transition from the industrial model of development to the modern, - said, opening the discussion, Chairman of the Committee Pavel Zavalny. - The priorities – the development of competition in retail, the reduction of cross-subsidies, the return of a major customer in the distribution network is only possible if the saturation of retail markets in electricity. This will be facilitated, including, the opening of free access to the retail markets of small and distributed generation, as well as the lifting of the ban of the sale of electricity grid companies to limit market share."

According to Deputy energy Minister of Russia Vyacheslav Kravchenko, despite the fact that the wholesale market in the power industry sufficiently regulated, competition in generation is quite developed in a Coma and the day-ahead market. "The best proof is the fact that the price of the last in the first price zone does not change and is not growing for three years. Hence, the mechanisms work", - said V. Kravchenko. Among the main directions of development of competition in the near future, Deputy energy Minister highlighted the decrease in the level of cross-subsidization in industry, as well as the development of a framework free contracts and increasing the share of consumers working with generators directly.

the Deputy chief of Management FAS Alexey Voronin presented a vision of the FAS towards the implementation of the National development plan competition, recently approved by the presidential decree. Electricity it indicates as one of its priorities. Industry need: the transition from natural monopoly activities to competition wherever this is justified, the increase in the share of private companies in all sectors, the increase in the share of small and medium enterprises, long-term and stable tariff. You need to ensure the withdrawal of retail customers to the wholesale market, reductions in free flow zones, special measures for development of competition in the electric power industry of the Far East. According to FAS, it is necessary to legislatively consolidate a provision prohibiting the use of non-market mechanisms of influence on the price. In addition, it is important in the course of this year to pass a law enshrining the status and role of the consumer in the procedures for the formulation of investment programs of the companies in the industry and the approval of electricity tariffs.

the Deputy Director of the Department of economic development of Russia Andrey Gabov identified two main segments, the most significant for the development of competition. First, it is the conditions of access to the wholesale market for different consumers, today is not just unequal, and in fact prohibitive for some of them, and the differences in the requirements in almost all areas in relation to guaranteeing suppliers and other retail companies. In the complex, it deprives the consumer of alternative and leads to an unjustified increase in electricity prices. You need to create a non-discriminatory, level playing field, giving the consumer the opportunity to choose a supplier. The only way to achieve the development of competition in retail markets.

the Second segment is the market power. Today he is the representative of the Ministry of economy does not give the actual price signals. The situation can be improved updating of zones of free flow and return to the previous model Coma. The last proposal did not meet with understanding from the representative of the energy Ministry, stressing that long-term mechanism, without a doubt, is more conducive to the development of the market than the short-term, earlier.

Almost every thesis, voiced by the rapporteurs, caused serious disputes. Representatives of the generation of the grid complex, guaranteeing suppliers, energy consumers, the expert community, who participated in the round table, very different assessments of the current situation in the industry and the ways and directions of development of competition. A heated discussion took three hours.

the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on energy Sergey Esyakov again drew attention to the importance of developing small and distributed energy. This corresponds to the global trends of the industry. In fact, the consumer today shows interest in her, going from not satisfied with his centralized power supply in its own generation. But, unfortunately, the understanding, the recognition of the Central role of the consumer in the development of the power industry at the moment.

According to the results of the roundtable will be finalized and adopted recommendations addressed to the Federal authorities. Their project was appreciated by many participants. Obviously, to achieve at least partial industry consensus on the completion of power sector reform and the creation of a full electricity market profile Committee of the State Duma will initiate another discussion. The nearest round table for energy will be devoted to the problems of cross-subsidization.