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Fresh jokes for 22.03.2018 (61 pieces)

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The Survey showed that 85% of Russians happy. The remaining 15% at the time of the survey were sober.


Adam's Apple is a piece of Apple that was stuck in the y of Adam in the throat when eve told him she's pregnant.


- Dear, and I have a juicy ass?

- Yeah, ass indicates your appetite...


Patience is, of course, a strong weapon, but sometimes you begin to regret that it was not a gunshot.


- I absolutely no relations with dumplings: boiled, off and forgot to buy something I forgot, then bought a cook forgot. And today the climax: I am the water, the water boiled... and then I realized that I forgot the dumplings at the store. How to explain it?

- You cursed ravioli factory.


Teacher: johnny, what are you go snooping?

johnny: Yes looking for money.

Teacher: johnny, why do you need money for control?

johnny: is the money not me, you...


Go two blondes. Suddenly the car stalls.

- Maybe it's out of gas?

- what? Just full canister in the trunk put.


RIA "Novosti":

"Lavrov "joked" about Moscow's intervention in the Japanese weather."

after half an update - the amendment is:

"Lavrov joked about the "interference" of Moscow in the Japanese weather."


- If you always think about the bad, the bad comes true. We have to think about the good, then good will come to pass.

- Well, where?

- What where?

- Where's my billion dollars and a Nude babe?


- Darling, are we in the bathroom no hot water

- Ssy in the cold.