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Machine learning for schoolchildren: how to start doing data analysis in seventh grade and where to apply forces

News Universiteta ITMO 23.03.2018 at 09:50

News Universiteta ITMO

Is it Possible to predict the outcome of eSports tournaments and the adults to solve the task of data analysis, if you still in school? This spring the charity Fund of Sberbank "investment in the future" launched the project "Academy of artificial intelligence", which aims to give the opportunity for any student to learn more about technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data Analytics, and to develop their skills in programming and mathematics. In the framework of the project at the University ITMO was held open lessons on machine learning and data analysis for students in grades 7-11. The lecturer was the head of the Academy of technology and data of the corporate University of Sberbank Andrey Chertok. He said the skills required today on the labour market, where should you start to dive into the field of machine learning and why it is possible to do since the seventh grade.