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Morten Müller — Blackened (Metallica cover) (Meshuggah version). Video 20.03.2018 at 15:27

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The Musicians from "Bog Studios" asked a question that nobody asked so far — what if the music Metallica would be performed in the style of "Meshuggah"? They approached it very seriously and so were born a few cover songs the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Metallica."

Today under the heading "Tributes and covers of" we present in this style sees the song "Blackened" by Morten müller (Morten Müller) (guitarist of Norwegian folk metal band "Trollfest", known as Dr. Leif Kjønnsfleis, member of the "Tottal Tömming") from the "Bog Studios".

the sound of this creation you can see below:

Morten Müller — Blackened (Metallica cover) (Meshuggah version):