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Owl wedding rings almost prevented the happiness of the newlyweds

MComp 28.03.2018 at 17:28

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In the UK a trained owl attacked the wedding guests to enjoy during the celebration. The bird was entrusted to carry the rings during the ceremony in the village of Peckforton in Cheshire. About a wedding incident involving barn owls, wrote the British newspaper The Guardian.

Fowl stroptimize launched into the room, so she brought the ring, and at first everything went as planned. Owl sat on the arm of the best man, but then they took off again and sharply fell on the man, who was standing nearby. The guest were shocked by the owl attack and tried to chase the bird, which caused laughter from the audience. Further gatherings of the intention of the barn owl is not stretched. Some time posmeshit people, she sat down on the table and the celebration continued.

the time of the attack was captured by photographer Stacey Oliver. According to her, it was the most wonderful moment of the entire ceremony.

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