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Webinar March 25, Sunday, at 17: 00

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 21.03.2018 at 22:43

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Friends, we invite you on Sunday, March 25, at 17-00 for the webinar "Protection from the negative effects with anomodontia Nymph"

despite the fact that the Nymph firmly entrenched glory of a "the summary", it is not so. Although, of course, some truth in this, but it is far from mysticism and, as always, is quite understandable.

But that being said, "side effect".

In reality, when you create individual Nymphs were set a slightly different task. And connected with this the problem was with the protection from the negative influence of other people.

here's how it happens, what can we expect from the Nymph, we'll talk on the webinar.

are Waiting for you on 25 March, at 17.00 in our new room.

Link to enter the room -

You will need to enter only your name or nickname with which you registered on our forum is optional.

►On the webinar we will hold a raffle (of course, in honor of our women's holiday :hy:), where, as always, will play unimodularity and discounts on them.

*** For registration in the lottery need to be registered on this site -

How to register on the website >>

►Those of participants of the webinar who is not lucky in the lottery, will be able to take advantage of discounts equal to the discounts in the birthday Bonus for club members. The decision will be 7 days.

Come into the room a little early to check out the link.

so, see you on Sunday, March 25, at 17: 00 in our conference room

If something does not work, you can before the webinar to knock me in Skype elena_p2007. The code word when you contact request on Skype - "KIT" or "unimodular", or "webinar"

to participate in the main questionnaire survey in our forum >>

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