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The aging of wine in barrel - aging wine in oak barrels

The store of oak barrels "barrel-oak" - article 25.03.2018 at 09:11

Store of oak barrels "barrel-oak articles

For anybody not a secret that the aging of wine in oak barrels can elevate the drink to make it more flavorful and balanced, to improve not only the taste but also the color of the drink. That is why even renowned winemakers recommend oak barrels for aging the most popular grape of an alcoholic beverage. Aged in barrels and red and white wines – each of the varieties can be improved through proper aging.

During the years of aging in barrel, the wine changes its color. If we talk about white wines, they become darker. Initially almost transparent, they acquire a rich honey or straw shades. Red wine is refined, becomes more saturated.

this is why professionals and wine-lovers prefer barrels made of oak.

How aging wine in the barrel affects the taste of the drink

not every wine needs aging. If we talk about young wines, their taste does not require adjustments - the aging of wine in a barrel would be a waste of time. But still, most types of beverage can be significantly improved if you put them on some time in oak barrels.

so, what is exposure and how is it different from just storage? As a result of aging changes the flavor, and when stored it does not. That is, aging is a process during which the beverage is revealed, takes on a new flavour accents, adds to its bouquets a new and pleasant touch. The result of exposure can vary depending on many factors:

grapes – a huge number of existing varieties of grapes differ from each other and, accordingly, require different conditions of exposure; duration of exposure – exposure may be not too a long time, and continuing for decades; the Temperature in the room – different requirements to the temperature regime need different varieties of wine; Containers in which the drink stand – apart from the oak barrels the wine can be aged in metal, clay and other vessels.

as a result of aging the wine can get notes of honey, caramel, vanilla, pepper, cloves, etc.

the Temperature and time of aging wines

you Should pay close attention to the temperature, which must be maintained at a certain level for certain types of wine:

White table wines – all ripen at the lowest temperature of about 11-12 degrees; Red table wines – optimal temperature is 14-16 degrees; Dessert wines – the temperature varies in the range of 15-17 degrees; Strong wine, or the temperature is the highest, a minimum of 16 and a maximum at 45 degrees.

the Term exposure also varies, ranging from 3 years for white table and up to 150 years for strong and sweet wines.

Aged in oak barrels, the wine is in contact with the air, absorbing oxygen and interacting with other gases. Also, the wine interacts directly with the wood, absorbing from it tannins and aromatic substances that improve the taste of the drink. The smaller the volume of the barrel, the faster the wine Matures.

the Firing of the oak barrel greatly affects the taste of wine

used For aging wine barrels are toasted. For white wines the preferred lightweight firing for the Reds say the average. Strong well for aging wine is not suitable, changing its taste and not for the better.

If you intend to purchase a separate barrel for aging wine, be sure to check out whether it is annealed, and the degree of roasting. It is better to acquire annealed the barrel, so as to perform this procedure at home can be very tricky without experience.

Due to proper roasting of aging in oak barrels will help to make your wine exceptional.

the Best gift for wine-enthusiasts – high-quality oak barrel

If you know people interested in wine, but not yet familiar with the technology of aging in oak barrels, you can enrich their experience an appropriate gift. Pick up the barrel correct size and appropriate design, and presented at the next celebration. Such a gift will appreciate – in fact, learning how to properly maintain the wine, the winemaker Amateur will rise higher, becoming more professional in your hobby.

as a gift there may be drums of various sizes, starting with small and ending with a capacity of 100 l, which will be useful for producing wine in large quantities winemakers. In order to become a gift even more memorable, decorate the barrel engraved with a congratulatory text or other labels. If private wineries have a logo, can be applied to a barrel it – it will make the barrel not a faceless gift and personalized gift. The gift recipient will be pleased that you thought about his passion so seriously, and have thought through every detail. Another interesting option is the tonneau with the effect of antiquity. Artificially aged barrel of wine will look like for decades matured in the cellar. And it's on a subconscious level will raise the status of wine.

the Main condition is the high quality barrels selected

If you've already thought of everything – find out the correct period of aging in oak barrels, took care of maintaining the desired temperature, chose a specific sort of wine, an excerpt of which I plan to do, it's time to make sure that your barrel meets the standards.

first, the barrel needs to be manufactured by professional masters who know all the intricacies of such delicate vessels. Second, to create it should be used high quality oak, environmentally friendly and durable natural wood, which ensures durability and longevity of the barrel. Third, the barrel must be properly prepared for practical use, in particular, properly annealed.

If all standards are met, you can proceed to the most pleasant part – to fill barrels of wine and wait for the moment when, finally, it will be possible to taste.

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