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Fresh jokes for 31.03.2018 (48 pieces)

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Well, that has come to life in virtual reality.

We scare them with the weapon, showing cartoons.

They have been accused of showing slides.


to Wean employees from solving crosswords in the workplace is very simple: it is necessary to include this lesson in the circle of duty.

© C. Melamed


these days there's one thing harder to find than a needle in a haystack to find the needle in the hands of a young girl.


, We build socialism with a human face, but it turned out capitalism with a goat's face.


the Client asks the Barber:

- You would not advise me how to save the remnants of my hair?

- I would recommend you to purchase this locket...


I do Not know how many people die from love, but many of her are born.

© Unknown obstetrician


it is Curious that in the Newspapers you can always learn about the death of famous people, but never read about their birth.


About how the government cares about the younger generation and the future in General, can be seen on one simple example.

as a result of contracti in Russia was banned by the British Council, who was involved in research and educational programs for youth and teaching English. At the same time, retaliatory sanctions in no way affected the import of whiskey, beer, Guinness and other alcohol from the UK - it is better to drink than to learn English!


In my life there are only two allies - zaplatina card of VTB 24 and Sberbank pension


- Give 500 thousand rubles!

- Why?

- to Touch.