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Fresh jokes for 01.04.2018 (58 pieces)

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Man will drink - won't remember anything.

the Woman drink it and remembered everything!


Russia in solidarity with Britain in the case Skripal will send diplomats 25 countries.


UN Secretary-General expressed extreme concern about the actions of Israel against the Arab demonstrators, who were peacefully throwing stones at the Israeli police.


once the red light was used for manifestation not only of depravity but also of film.


ads on avito:

Sale cheap SUV known British brand 4x4 all wheel drive, studded, black, 2015, kit all-weather, night vision devices, small mileage. In the apartment. In short: for sale cat.


Women are divided into two types:

1) Her Boobs - the dream

2) Her dream - Boobs


Opens the cockpit door of a passenger airliner:

- Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! I second the pilot of your plane. No one knows where our first pilot?


One Scot asked why buying firewood, he chooses the most gnarled logs.

"therefore," replied the Scotsman, ' that they warm twice, once when chopping, and the second when they burn in the furnace.


the media reported that Julia Skripal already can drink, eat and give evidence against Putin.


Christine Lagarde was horrified, having seen declared Groisman tranche from the IMF.