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Fresh jokes for 03.04.2018 (64 pieces)

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A Psychiatrist by mistake instead of the test slipped the patient the form of the exam, the result of which he was simultaneously enrolled at MSU and to the day hospital.


my wife's cat-British... decided on the sly too to send, it tries%of the house, had long dreamed of!


- Your eyes are like two inductee.

- what?

One mows and the other one is really blue.


Nutritionists advise to eat often, but gradually. The first part I have a good job.


I have Before me two bills, one in denomination of 50 rubles, another worth 5000 rubles. Feel the difference?


- Hey, April, you have the ground is white!


- Why so few read Newspapers?

- Toilet paper is sold everywhere.


As for selfies, you can sincerely smile, if you even take a picture no one?!


the First drone of "Mail of Russia" fell shortly after takeoff.

at least you know what happened to the parcel.


the Journalist asks the lifeguard on the beaches of Odessa:

- Shaw And the most unpleasant in your work?

- drowning men. If they do not save, they sink and when pulling out of the water, makes it CPR - start to beat...