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Fresh jokes for 04.04.2018 (76 pieces)

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Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you what you can be useful to me.


Stability is when the dollar returns to its place, and the ruble prices... also remain in place.


On a call to tech support: "I can't log in to the computer!" and I want to answer: "I do not know, try to change position...".


the Ombudsman after his inauguration went to the world Cup and have committed harassment... "Great and mighty Russian language" - said to be Turgenev and he added: "In the mouth your feet!"


Abraham met Sarah, rested in the sanatorium, at the station, came home, Abram takes a telegram from the table and shaking it in front of his nose Sarah says:

- Read!

read Sarah: - Abram, tomorrow arrive in 15-40 meet. Your favorite Sarah.

Abram: - Well, why did you write "Your favorite Sara"?

Sarah, glancing at the telegram asked in a whisper: - And what, already unloved?....

Abram: - Fool!!! You three extra words overpaid!


the New logo of the Russian post: instead of the eagle - shestimotorny drone in the background of the brickwork.


I Wonder when the statistics will start again from 1913 to compare?



- Who's there?!

- drone "the Postman Pechkin", but can not open...


- I was a fool when married you.

- Why... You...


-Hello, this is radio Chanson

-Yes, listen you're on the air

-put a song Vladimir Central for brothers Magomedov

-from whom?

-from the Rotenberg brothers, fraternal