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The future of robots: how to build relationships with people and cars, will be discussed at a seminar in the European Parliament

News Universiteta ITMO 27.03.2018 at 11:43

News Universiteta ITMO

Robots go out of their enclosing boundaries become mobile, cooperative, increasingly intelligent and flexible. They disrupt our boundaries and introduce automation where it was not before. According to BCG, over the next years, the robotics market will grow faster than recent predictions, in this case mostly due to the increase in consumer demand. What that means for the economy in the future, how to build infrastructure, to redistribute financial flows and to regulate everyday relations between people and robots? These and other issues by leading experts from European and Japanese research centers, and industry representatives will discuss at the seminar, which will be held in the European Parliament on 9 April. One of the key speakers of the workshop will be members of the Aira project, which is being developed by graduates and staff of the ITMO University. Principles of Economics robots, key trends and topics that will be discussed in Brussels, ITMO.NEWS Alexander Kapitonov, assistant Professor, Department of control systems and Informatics ITMO University and member of the project Aira.