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The leader of the band "The White Stripes" Jack white told Lars Ulrich banning mobile phones at their concerts 26.03.2018 at 12:12

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When Jack white (Jack White) (real name John Anthony Gillis) (John Anthony Gillis), leader of the band The White Stripes, announced a ban on mobile phones in his upcoming tour, he agreed with Chris Rock (Chris Rock), who used the same rule during a speech in 2017 in the hall's Third Man Records. White explained its decision by explaining how overuse of technology affects his mindset as a performer, in a recent interview on the show the drummer vocal-instrumental ensemble "Metallica" Lars Ulrich (Lars Ulrich) called "It's Electric!", coming out on the radio "Beats 1".

white explained why he uses Yondr, technological service that blocks phone numbers of visitors in the bag during the concert. "I react to the crowd, just as standup comic... If I finish a song and go, "TA-da!", and silence, I think, "Well, I don't know what to do. Should I play a more heavy song, a faster song? Want to hear me play acoustics? Want me to leave? I'll go." But I don't like: "that's what they feel, or just not paying attention because they are not passionate about... because they're texting?"

"When you go to the movie theater or at a Symphony concert, or in Church, whatever – these are the times when people clean the phones and listen," he continued. "And I like the idea of rock concerts, which are hellishly pankovym, without any rules. I like it, but I don't like the fact that I have no idea what to play. Personally I need it. Because I left the scene earlier and thought, "I don't know what to do next. And if this continues it will be very difficult."

Jack white never hid his aversion to mobile phones. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, he noted that there is a mobile phone, calling it "freedom in a broad sense".

white also spoke to Ulrich about collaboration with hip-hop artists on his third LP "Boarding House Reach". "I really wanted to find a band that played hip hop artists on stage, who performed with Kendrick (Kendrick), Jay-Z (Jay-Z), Kanye (Kanye) or something like that," said he. "I was looking for a special musician who can add something hip hopovo, whether it's samples or a drum machine, but play it in real time with real drums and a real bass".