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Lars Ulrich explains why Metallica best of thrash metal bands 30.03.2018 at 12:33

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If you read the news, then you probably are a fan of thrash metal, and are undoubtedly aware of the "Big four" ("Big4") – the four most successful groups of the genre: "Anthrax", "Megadeth", "Slayer" and "Metallica".

during the discussion, entitled "Building Metallica" held on March 23, 2018 in the framework of the conference "Online Marketing Rockstars" in Germany, drummer vocal-instrumental ensemble "Metallica" Lars Ulrich (Lars Ulrich) explained why he thinks his band is the best.

During the conversation, Ulrich was asked the question about what Metallica is different from other groups of the "Big four" and why they managed to achieve greater success.

"I don't want to offend anyone. All of these groups – our friends, our peers, and I have a huge respect and love to each of them – began Lars. "But, I think Metallica has always felt itself independent and live in their own world, so we were losers and never felt part of a scene".

"Thus, we follow in its track. We are just fiercely independent and this approach to everything that we do: we are not looking for other ways to try to do something or follow a certain trend, fashion, business style or something else. We just do what is needed for Metallica in our own universe."

"And we took, I believe, some decisions along the way, both creative and practical that has put us on the right path," he continued. "I'm not a journalist, and it's not my place to sit and talk about why we are in a certain place, but others are not. It is uncomfortable to me".

in addition, Ulrich also explained that the tenacity with which they perform their own work, helped them achieve success that seemed to elude their colleagues.

"As I said, M. O. has always been independent and just doing something different and never felt that we should try to please someone, to meet any need, any particular trends, moments that are happening in business, fashion or any other things," explained Lars Ulrich.

"So, musically, we played more complex music, but we never felt that we were part of the scene. When our second album "Ride The Lightning" released in 1984, the song "Fade To Black" appeared acoustic guitar, and people began to worry: "Oh my God! What do they do?" But for us it was just another ordinary attempt to speak through music".

"the Analogy that I give in the interview is that there is a train, and we do everything possible to control the train, but at the same time you can't make the train go – sometimes you are faced with the fact that the train was just moving forward and not heading in a certain place," concluded Ulrich. "That's how we look at things."

"So sometimes you've got to hold on sometimes you need to drive and you need to know what and when to do it."