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Dave Mustaine: "I've been scoring that Metallica plays my songs" 03.04.2018 at 13:42

News, discography, lyrics.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, frontman of the band "Megadeth" Dave Mustaine (Dave Mustaine) chose the song that became a turning point in his career. And one of these tracks was "Ride The Lightning":

"There are riffs that you hear and know who created them. And I'm not talking about what I wrote. So, in "Ride The Lightning" and "Leper Messiah" from the first album, there are certain pieces that are similar to "Megadeth", because you can do with your tool anything, if they do well. And I think they handled it pretty well.

I didn't write all the music in "Ride The Lightning". Lars [Ulrich] (Lars Ulrich) wrote the Intro, then the next part I wrote, and the next I, and then another, and then there was him, and the next three are mine, and in the end... but who's counting?

I've been scoring that they use my songs. You can come on shit or just let it go — nothing will change. The result was two great teams. We are friends. Everything has already happened. Yes eprst, I forgave David (former bassist of the band "Megadeth" David Ellefson) (David Ellefson) after he sued me and demanded 18.5 million, I can forgive all those who use my songs. And honestly, if it were not for this machine we came up with — and I say that WE did it — and I believe they did everything right. I am very proud of them."

Mystan added: "But when in 1985 it was time to release "Killing", I had to go on. All this stuff was in my head, all this collection, I just don't have time to show guys. And we went on as a very simple way. I don't remember who said it exactly, but it was noticed very precisely: “like the Ramones, Metallica, and Megadeth is The Clash”. And, perhaps, this is one of the best words that I ever heard in my life. I heard another comparison: “as Iron Maiden, Metallica, while Megadeth is Led Zeppelin” and thought, “this option also looks good.” And such comparisons because we are more intricate and complex than they are."