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A good helper for hobby and household multimeter unit UT890S+.

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I had a multimeter unit 830, purchased 20 years ago. In General, me it is largely organized and the readings are not confused, and compact. It would have lived longer, if in the heat of passion while you fuss with yet another scheme, I would not burn it. However, all that does not happen, all the better.

the unit Multimeters long been on everyone's lips thanks to its reliability, range, accuracy, and completely loyal to price tags. Nostalgic for 830 mu, as a reliable workhorse, and pick up a couple of pieces of other multimeters, still glancing in the direction of the UNI-Ing.

In the end were in the hands of unit UT890S+, simple, skilled, affordable, high quality, easy to use and useful in the household multimeter.

Some interesting details, I invite under kat.

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