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Scientists have created a device that really can read minds

Mobilcom mobile gadgets 06.04.2018 at 03:08

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The Device works by reading our thoughts when we recite the text myself.

the input information is constantly improving. Until recently, the voice method was considered the most technologically advanced. However, the new device will allow you to enter text using thoughts.

the Staff of the Massachusetts Institute of technology has developed a special device called AlterEgo which can read thoughts and transmit them to the computer with an accuracy of 92%.

the Gadget is a headset that fits over the jaw and ear and reads the information. The principle of operation of the device is the text-to-speech person.

When he considers a certain word, then the brain sends signals to the muscles of the face and throat. AlterEgo device picks up these signals and reads them.

Introducing certain words, users can communicate with the computer, which in turn can respond via Apple's Siri or Google.

the Developers said that the device knows and recognizes numbers from 0 to 9, uses up to 20 words while performing a specific task, like chess or similar.

They stated that the device still needs to be calibrated. However, at this stage the accuracy of information transmission is 92% and the more you use it the more accurate it becomes.


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