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Online intensive course "HTML and CSS level 2"


April 9 is the start of the intensive course "HTML and CSS level 2". If you already have experience in the layout and want to pump skills, then this program is for you.

Five weeks, you will learn:

to Impose adaptive designs using flexbox and to produce graphics. To use the preprocessor and tools for build automation. Love the BEM methodology. To optimize your layout.

the Training consists of live lectures and practical work. During the course you will prepare for the final defense of a personal project, so he passed through the quality criteria. This will help the mentor, who at the time of consultation will conduct a review and provide feedback on improving code quality.

How are the lectures, work with the mentor and protection? Read more tells the teacher of the course here.

If the load and the life style does not allow dip for five weeks of intensive training, the course is available part extended to 9 weeks.

HTML Academy

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