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Ectopic pregnancy in early pregnancy

SAPLUSKY 05.04.2018 at 17:10

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Ectopic pregnancy is a pathology in which there is attachment of a fertilized egg in unusual places. Instead of the uterine cavity, the egg is fixed on other uncommon places: agecny, abdominal cavity, or fallopian tube.

the Pathological process at the beginning goes unnoticed. Woman until the last moment hoped that she is pregnant and takes 9 months safely. Sometimes nature is against us.

what are the reasons for developing this pathological condition

1.The inflammatory process. Frequent inflammatory infections of the genitourinary system, exposure to cold, nor to no good results. The fallopian tubes vary in structure. Without a properly sized treatment is most often formed adhesions. Which are fairly powerful obstacle to a fertilized egg.

2. Congenital anomalies of the female genital organs. In this case, pregnancy is impossible.

3. Lack of activity of the sperm travel to the egg. What its function can not perform.

4. Violation of menstruation and the content of certain hormones.

5. Inflammatory diseases in men.

6. History of infection of the genital tract.

7. Frequent abortion and curettage.

8. Repeated surgical intervention is not only on the uterus and its appendages, but also on the abdominal wall.

How is the disease

generally, in the early stages, the woman does not feel any discomfort, is a normal way of life. Then, as you increase in size of the embryo the first symptoms appear. Usually concern health begins at 5 weeks of pregnancy. The woman is in pain most of the abdomen, absence of menstruation, while the test for pregnancy can give a positive and a false positive result.

Is the sensitivity of the mammary glands, the breast swells and increases in size. Appears General weakness, morning sickness and taste perversion. May notice that the signs of ectopic pregnancy do not differ much from the normal physiological pregnancy. During this period, temperature can increase to 37.0 degrees, and jump in basal body temperature. Then can occur the presence of blood in a small amount or selection of dark brown color. Abdominal pain gradually increased, by the nature of cutting, appears, and again fades. With increasing blood loss, reduced hemoglobin, associated with weakness of body, pale skin, dizziness.

How to diagnose

1. Blood hormonally gonadotropin. Ectopic pregnancy HCG does not increase or increases by leaps and bounds.

2. Determine the content of progesterone during pregnancy in the atypical place of the hormone does not increase.

3. Blood a common blood test. Determine the level of hemoglobin, erythrocytes and platelets.

4. The most reliable examination method ectopic pregnancy will be an ultrasound of the pelvic organs. Inspection can be carried out both through the vagina and through the abdominal wall. The specialist will determine in which place was fixed ovum.

5. In unclear cases, diagnostic laparoscopy is carried out.

How to treat this complication early,

basically, the treatment is carried out surgically. Because this woman's condition is considered urgent, high risk of bleeding and the formation of peritonitis.

surgically carried out the cleaning of the fallopian tubes, if necessary, excised the affected part of the fallopian tube.

After the operation, you must restore hormonal function and to minimize the risk of infertility.

To do this, after the operation, the woman undergoes hormone therapy to increase hemoglobin level, antibiotics and painkillers. With a good outcome trying to get pregnant to do is already possible in six months. You must visit a gynecologist for examination, not only before the planned pregnancy, but also after surgery.

it is Important to keep the hope that you will be able to become a mother. To protect yourself and your health. To visit a gynecologist and undergo vitamin therapy. All these measures will significantly increase the chance to have a baby.

Ectopic pregnancy in the early stages — live

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