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Experts have called the most popular schemes of deception in driving

MComp 08.04.2018 at 02:31

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Unfortunately, at present, very often see cases when in the Russian driving schools are cheating their customers. It could be poor education, and illegal schemes aimed at pulling out of a citizen as much money as possible.

First of all, the experts should pay the price of learning if it is low, it is cause for suspicion. Automotive schools will not be operating at a disadvantage, since they need to pay rent and staff training. As practice shows, cheapest rates fraught with poor quality training.

In Russia, the course must be equal to 130 hours, and one session is equal to two hours, in the end it turns out the 65 classes. If to cut hours, the impact on examination results. Then has not passed the certification the student preparing for a retake, and driving schools offer extra classes for a fee.

Also, a number of driving schools not specifically included in the cost of training the cost for fuel required to auto training. In the future the student will have to spend extra on them. Another Scam is called pay to retake the exams, which is silent when drawing up the contract. The learners also do not provide admission without additional paid lessons with an instructor.

Fraudulent driving even save on the number of practical lessons of driving. According to regulations, the rate is 28 driving for 2 hours, but most often shortened to one hour. The contract may specify 20 classes, and for the rest you need to pay separately. Experts advise that before signing the agreement you should carefully examine the document and ask him about additional costs. In addition, you need to ask at students driving schools, how many actually lasts for a driving lesson.

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