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Let them eat what they want, just played Shirvindt spoke about the prohibition of doping

MComp 08.04.2018 at 06:31

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

Today's edition of the show "hi, Andrew" on the channel "Russia-1" was dedicated to the anniversary of Vladimir Vinokur, the actor famous parody of the genre. In the Studio to Andrei Malakhov for this reason was invited the stars of Russian cinema and stage. Among them were the presenter of the program "Notice" Regina Dubovitskaya, a popular singer Dima Bilan, his peers Alexander Marshall. To congratulate jubiljara and to remember the past came and well-known Soviet actor Alexander Shirvindt.

As it turned out from his words, Alexander A. was periodically being "king of humour" on the stage. They in turn parodied Kashpirovsky, Lenin and other celebrities of the USSR. By the way the conversation in the Studio went about hockey. Alexander Anatolyevich and Vladimir Natanovich acted as support groups for Soviet hockey. Their rooms they had lifted the spirits of the athletes and set them to a fighting mood. Of course, Malakhov did not miss the opportunity to recall the triumph of the Russian hockey players at the Olympics in Pyeongchang. One voice Vinokur and Shirvindt said that he watched the broadcast of the match for which they had to get up at seven in the morning.

In this game the Russians seemed to them great. Almost immediately it came to ban the Russians to compete at the Olympics under the national flag flag. It was here in town said that he sees no logic in the ban of doping. In his opinion, illegal drugs will still be used, so let it play normally. "Let them eat what they want, just to play," he said during the discussion. Vinokur supported him and noticed that in his time there was only one doping vodka. Talked to artists and on contemporary Russian stage. They complained that it is difficult to find a unique talent and all the modern stars like off the line.

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