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Club KIT - Community - Contacts 02.04.2018 at 20:52

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

The Issues of harmonious interaction with the outside world are worried about the person at all times. And if we, the contemporary people, it seems that we first thought about it, I have to admit that we are deeply mistaken.

To solve this problem, for many centuries, had developed various effective techniques and methods, as we would now say, of energy-informative impact on the world. People have noticed that when that changed as their physical and emotional state, and often there are positive changes and on the event plan.

this knowledge was present in all cultures. However, in those days they wore the iconic character and was accessible only to the elite - the clergy, i.e. the people, specially prepared.

Since people were looking for "places of power". These places are simply attracted people like a magnet. In them our ancestors felt an unusual condition, both physical and emotional. In these places there were pagan temples, megalithic structures (Stonehenge, Baalbek, etc.), temples were erected. Religion succeeded each other, and temples again and again was erected in the same places.

In many ancient communities were known and special devices which, in the ancient times to purify from any "yucky" and corresponding field components of the space (in modern language - "system field of the environment").

the People had already realized that a painful condition (physical, emotional, mental, social) is the result of violations total harmony with the surrounding space. And is only to give the body a chance to recover a harmonious relationship with the world and with himself, how will begin to manifest fully in its ability to regulate and heal itself, and heal itself. And they all possible ways tried to restore harmony!

In which only applications didn't use them people! Such devices fulfilled the role of assistants in the solution of well-defined tasks. Primarily to protect from arrows from the enemy, from the "evil eye", etc., To bring good luck, to change the event number, as well as in the treatment of various diseases.

Examples of such devices have been and remain various talismans and charms. The simplest of them was carried out with the use of natural materials: stones, plants, animals, fragments, etc. More complex devices have been using that symbol system. The basis of these systems consisted of different geometric shapes. It could be volumetric (three-dimensional) shapes or structures, as well as a flat image, simply put, pictures. Often they were used in certain combinations (mantra wheels with inscriptions around the outer edge, of the pyramid with drawings on the sides, carpet ornaments, patterns of costumes of the peoples of the world, the temple of painting, the shape of the temples themselves, Yantra, mandala, pantacles, etc.).

All these designs represented a kind of environmental instruments, which made a hidden, but very important work on the harmonization and cleansing of the space, its invisible field environment.

Today we are witnessing how these knowledge handed down from time immemorial, get new development and come to people in a form accessible to all. Moreover, these ancient empirical knowledge to theoretical justification. Appeared modern scientific theories that explain what is the basis for the positive harmonizing effect of certain forms and sign systems on the environment and on man himself.

Modern scientists say about this aspect of ecological disaster, as the disaster, energy and information, which leads to the chaotization of space. Thus there is unprecedented destruction of the information environment that threatens the biosphere of our planet very serious consequences (article E. A. Faidysh "the Noosphere of the Earth and the global evolution of humanity").

the Reasons for this are many. Main of them — familiar to us all radiation is electromagnetic, geopathic, pathogenic.

But life does not stand still and in 1997 the Russian organization of Laboratory Infotech (Moscow) offers customers the first tool means (device), the main feature of which is bringing order to the energy-component of our space, a decrease in its chaos.

the Working of these devices are packages of information active icon consisting of a highly complex set of symbols that is the sign system (see above). These devices are called bioresonance pictographic interactive energy-modulators known today as unimodularly Infotech.

in fact, unimodularly Infotech are "filters" from the so-called "energy" of dirt, which structure the space, reducing the randomization. This creates the conditions for the restoration and improvement of the information homeostasis (balance) of the human body on the external level, "Man-Environment", at the domestic level, up to the cell.

the result is included in the work of the internal human resources that have been from time to time for obvious reasons not used. Aktiviziruyutsya mechanisms of self-regulation and self-healing and the body begins to more actively solve their immediate problem.

the owners of unimodular:

improves physical and emotional state, begin to resolve chronic problems, reduced stress load, people easier to cope with the aggression of the external environment in all its aspects. Thus, the ideas of the ancients supported by modern knowledge and technology is a new development and come to people in a form accessible to all.

the sites of the Club KIT and Lab Infotech: -the main information site website, which is a forum website store where you can make a reservation (payment through the store is not possible)

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