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Fresh jokes for 05.04.2018 (80 PCs)

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Want to improve relations - to improve and not want to find out.


I Noticed that the employees of "Mail of Russia" have recently become more humane?

will Listen, comfort you, cry with you for the lost parcel.


If you choose the lesser of two evils, the greater evil may be very offended and take revenge.


- Storm sky mist conceals, snow spinning vortices... Or here's another: "Above the gray plain of the sea wind, clouds..."...

- the Director of hydrometeorological centre if the weather in April more specifically?


- Hello!

- Hey.

How are you?

- is Normal.

- doing What?

- Getting statistics.

- Th for statistics?

- Yes here, I think. who and how many times a day told me the stupid phrase "Hello", "how you doing?" "doing" and "clear"

- is Clear.


the Last word in a quarrel will always be a woman, so even if you leave home, unplug the phone, get on a boat and float away into the ocean, along the way, you will find a bottle with a note: "Just think what you have achieved this".


the Only currency that is growing - it's time.


so use your password from the random letters all my life, and then randomly injected it into the search engine and find out what is the website with the same name and even the app...


security forces carried out a search in the private house of the head of the Kemerovo Department of EMERCOM Alexander Mamontov. I thought, maybe we should introduce a rule - search once a year to all managers at different levels? Not to relax.


- I'm confused with poisoning Skrobala.

- what is unclear. The rookie brought in buckwheat. Skrypali it cooked at home. Shifted into the jar. Remnants smeared the door handle. Went to the cafe. There were buckwheat is. Happened here they have indigestion. Exhaust slack all visitors and police, who began to sniff. Instead of the ambulance accidentally called hazmat and they smell immediately recognized the newcomer with whom I work every day.