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Paper comics. "Superman – Action Comics. Book 3. End times" Grant Morrison The article 10.04.2018 at 10:50

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"Superman is now confused and cornered. He almost lost his super-powers," the inciting villain Vindictus his minions rejoicing vsosatsya over the Land of the red sun. As it happened – in the final of a Grand trilogy Grant Morrison.

that day, as it was said, broke out battle for the soul of planet Earth. War of angels and demons. New American mythology, nothing more and nothing less.

the First volume of Grant Morrison from the series "Superman – Action Comics - Superman and the Men of Steel" was released we have two and a half years ago, the second - "Bulletproof" - settled on the shelves for like a year and a quarter. If you read these graphic novels as they are released, it makes sense to peruse them again, updating the plot in memory.

of Course, you can take the "End times" and without prior training, then you should know that Grant Morrison is not one of those authors that prefer a slender linear narrative. And his intended outcome is able to "confuse" the casual reader - mnogovektornosti, diversity, multidimensionality.

If you try to somehow streamline the plot of the third book for a recap, the point is that the villain Vindictus – "the magician with another level of reality, the master of multi-dimensional anarchy" - declares Superman the battle for life and death, simultaneously turning to ruin his life.

Your seedy little world in the middle of the throat I have so much time I spent in it. Entered into the transaction. And finally the moment has come, baby I got your bench. {...} You need to be afraid of me! I'm here longer than you. And I've been waiting for this moment! We set the traps. Collected assistants. Prepared you to the main failure in your life, you pompous, insignificant person-God! Superman! The absolute loser!

Turn the graphic novel Grant Morrison's "Superman – Action Comics. Book 3. The end of time"

Familiar to us in previous books Mrs Nikki - she's Princess of the Fifth dimension - says Superman, why "time will now be moving... strange": "Imagine how to bend streams of water near the body floating shark. So it is distorted a time when Vindictus approaching its prey. {...} It's hard to prepare to meet an enemy that can strike at any moment of your life".

for me past, your future, and it is not yet come.

This is "any second" put here not to be witty: Vindictus really attacking his Nemesis in the past and in the future, "storing the days and years" in "vile writhing tangle of time and sense." ("So to speak - then explains to Superman, through many, many years there is one event. As a result of past and present briefly mixed up").

the villain resorts to using joined by allies - an army, "superdenomination" with which he negotiated over many editions of this series.

I came to make a deal with you all! Offer eternal life in the eternal Kingdom of mine! You have to do in return? You need only a... when Superman will turn to you for help... to say "No".

Turn the graphic novel Grant Morrison's "Superman – Action Comics. Book 3. The end of time"

But man of Steel is not alone - so in the First age of Sverhcheloveka sent the Legion of superheroes from the 3030-year ("Our plan - a last-ditch attempt to rewrite the past and not allow it to occur age, Universe"). And yet here is a doctor KSA-Doo, the first inhabitant of the Phantom zone, along with other "disembodied criminals" who survived the destruction of Krypton, but - unlike them - managed to escape "from the underworld". And Metalike fleeing from the threat named Set, which in turn visualized in the form of "angels" ("They're like locusts - devour everything in its path!"). And "neo sapiens, SUPERFONE from half a dozen worlds"...

the probability that this book will have after reading, rereading to figure out who is who and which side stands for.

One day, Superman was already dead. And die again. And more! Here, he will die forever!

As in the previous volumes of the series "Superman – Action Comics", a significant part of the book is given over to a short bonus Hlavka authored by Scholli fish: they complement the main narrative, allowing us to learn more about the minor characters and to trace the development of side story lines.

this section appear, for example, missing in the main story the members of the Justice League, and Superman watching new York planetariums with the death of a native of Krypton (until the Earth just got this flash). Little more is told about an unusually significant for the entire story "petiolate Kingdom Shff", where "there was but grieved corruptibly Bcxs", and his beloved daughter Princess Splnt, "created from laughter and sunlight," the magician fell in love with Mxyzptlk, "prankster created out of desire and guile"...

There is light at the outside length and width. Out of depth and time. A place where imagination is reality. A place where reigns the magic.

Turn the graphic novel Grant Morrison's "Superman – Action Comics. Book 3. The end of time"

a Curious Chapter from "Stories of the Legion of Superheroes" where 3013-year committed the assassination "of the President-elect of the Earth Hiroshi Takanaga", "which according to the latest comp models with a probability of 86% will be the next head of the United planets" (resulting in "half the universe drown in blood"). And truly shrill "Goodbye" - several pages, in which Superman briefly moved to the day of his prom and briefly tells of a living father on the progress made...

- no One knows what the future holds. Our job is to meet it bravely, with my head held high!

- ...Because the Kents are back!

And yet there is a cupola of about 2238 year - about how a teenager, inspired by the deeds of a superhero, presented at the Museum of the earth heritage, gives back the bully-abuser. And exhibition halls at this time came the cheerful record about the fact that Superman is still "waging a never-ending battle for truth, justice and American values."

there's always a way. If you can't find it, so accomplish the impossible.

Cover graphic novel Grant Morrison's "Superman – Action Comics. Book 3. The end of time"

Undertaking, as stated in the announcement, "the decisive duel between good and evil", Grant Morrison has not stinted on the variety of plot twists and maximise their imagination, in order to capture readers in numerous details designed them "supersonico day." His story about Superman - not the banal "fiction." This is a masterful alloy hurtling at breakneck speed of action and well-defined meanings. This is a huge puzzle with thousands of pieces of it as if randomly scattered through the pages - but at the right time as if by magic come in a whole picture. A Superman for a new generation, a new world, Superman, addressed to the readers of the new century.

you just Have to watch closely, as the author unfolds his narrative, and then there is no reason in these words, to doubt.

You promised we'll be fine! Easy for you to say, Superman, you survive in any trouble! What about us?..