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How to draw Rapunzel

My Baby 11.04.2018 at 15:06

Internet magazine for young parents

Rapunzel is a girl who since early childhood was in a high tower in the prison. Over the years her hair became very long. Now this feature is the main feature of this disney Princess. Therefore, if your child has long wanted to draw a girl with long hair cartoon, today with the help of this lesson will be able to learn how to paint Rapunzel and color her beautiful colored pencils. Then take the sheet and repeat each stage. At the end of the contour image paint paints or crayons.

Receive the finished drawing. Now your kid will not ask question about how to draw Rapunzel gradually on album sheet.

the drawing Materials, which will help to understand how to draw Rapunzel:

— colored pencils;

— the sheet of paper in an album or.;

— the eraser and pencil HB.

Prepare all tools and materials to begin to learn the lesson how to draw Rapunzel in a phased manner with a pencil on a blank sheet of paper. This sharpened every pencil and take a clean sheet.

you can Now go directly to the process, where kids and their parents will be able to understand how to draw a Princess Rapunzel from cartoon.

the Stages of drawing:

First, let's define how to draw Rapunzel with a pencil. Select any image and frame from a cartoon or fairytale. Then define the size of the future piece of artwork and begin to draw a human figure. Draw an oval head silhouette, the dress and the hands on the left side.

Next draw the bottom hem of the dress, which evolves under the action of movement girls. Dorisovyvaet at the bottom of the feet. The head also divide into four parts and determine the location of the most important parts of the face. Now we can move on to the next stage below with your child to get a beautiful picture Rapunzel in my album.

the girl named Rapunzel has very long hair. Followed well cared for. So dorisovyvaet in the hands of a comb, which she makes herself presentable or prepared for the ball. Her hair is so long that they reach not only to the ankle, but lie around girls.

Dorisovyvaet clothing items and determine the contour of the entire figure. Also add folds and curls.

More details drawn in fine detail. Carefully draw face girl.

To give a more natural skin color use beige, light pink and dark brown pencil.

Hair Rapunzel have a Golden hue. Therefore, for painting use yellow and light brown color pencil.

Covered by a light pink dress and touches the hairbrush. For dimming, use the purple color.

Create shadow and contour, as well as the background and floor. To do this, take blue, dark brown and black pencil.

So get a drawing of a beloved Princess named Rapunzel, who combs her hair and prepares for the ball.

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