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At the end of April on the PC will dark fantasy action game Bullet Witch - News 12.04.2018 at 19:50 - News

Dark fantasy action game Bullet Witch, which was released in Japan in 2006 (and in 2007 in the rest of the world) on the Xbox 360, at the end of this month, perhaps on the PC. Bullet Witch offers a unique blend of Japanese dark fantasy with a Western aesthetic of military action. In the story, Earth for several years, undergoing a series of horrific disasters, and the culmination is the appearance of demons marching straight from Hell. Humanity is on the brink of destruction, a few survivors die from the bloodthirsty clutches of the demons. The messengers of Hell used against people of their own weapons left by the defenders, and wear the skin of their victims as ornaments. In these hopeless circumstances there is a mysterious Witch with a rifle. No one knows if she descended from Heaven or was thrown from Hell, but the Witch is the only Savior of mankind, destroying hordes of demons. The development of the PC port does...