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Witch's woods is waiting for guests!

Hearthstone® 12.04.2018 at 17:00

Came Supplement "Witch's forest". Hurry up to buy and print out sets of the new cards! In the game you will get a gift: random legendary card for one of the classes and three sets of cards, "the Witch's forest".*

Want to find out first hand, how the idea of "Witch's forest"? Together with the developers of the add-ons we decided to get to the roots.

the Witch forest

the Wicked witch HGT imposed on the woods around Gilneas curse. Now often roam the spooky ghosts, there are different things, and the travelers are lost without a trace. In recent years, these horrors emerged in the city. At night the streets of Gilneas walking in the fog strange shapes.

However Gilneas are not born yesterday. This is not ordinary people, and the Worgen: they know how in the blink of an eye into a huge ferocious monsters, like wolves. They won't meekly wait until the witch's curse will destroy them all.

the Brave hunters of monsters ready to go into the forest in search of Hagati. Arm 135 new maps and join the hunt to terrifying new addition to the Hearthstone — "Witch forest".

Echo evil magic

New map properties "Witch's forest", from which you will not on its own extend to the creatures, and spells. Some of them will respond to echo among the trees, creating ghostly copies of themselves. Card with value "Echo" you can play the same course repeatedly until you have enough mana.

Odd or even?

In the nightmarish thicket of the Witch's forest will soon face the forces of order and chaos. If you are willing to adhere to a strict discipline to reduce the cost of the hero power to 1 mana, add to deck "Gene Edogawa" — but then you have to abandon the card with an odd cost. Maybe you want to subdue the power of the curse with a special, enhanced strength hero? Then it is reasonable to put in a deck, "Baku, the Devourer of the moon", which, in contrast, recognizes only card with an odd cost.

Whose support you seek?

blood pressure

the Curse of the Witch's forest can ignite a ravenous fury, even in the good heart. Smitten with a curse the inhabitants of the forest will burst into action and swiftly pounce on enemies. Creatures with a "Charge" can attack enemy creatures — but not the hero — as soon as you get on the playing field.

monster Hunt

In addition, "Witch's forest" will be a new single mode "monster-Hunting", in which the greatest heroes of Gilneas will be able to clear the forest from lurking there in the darkness. As in "Hikes in the dungeon" in addition "the Kobolds and the catacombs", here players will fight with the bosses and to win rewards cards to your deck that will help hunt down prey in the heart of the Witch's forest. The risk is great! If your hunter is defeated, you will have to start hunting from the very beginning with a new deck.

monster Hunt will start on April 26 at 20:00 GMT.

If you manage to complete the hunt for monsters with all four characters-the hunters and defeat Kagato, you will receive the card "monster-Hunting".

Tracks are in a maze of gnarled branches and get lost in the darkness. Unsheathe weapons, collect will in a fist, and forward, toward the dangers of the Witch's forest!

* a Legendary card and three sets of cards add-on "Witch's forest" to receive a gift only once during a limited period of time. Promotion is valid till 11 Jul 20:00 GMT.