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A resident of Japan kept his son in a wooden crate 20 years

MComp 13.04.2018 at 01:01

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Japanese for more than 20 years kept his son suffering from mental disorder, in wooden crates. And maybe the prison guy would have lasted much longer if it had not intervened in this social service of the Prefecture of Hyogo.

Local authorities received information about a young prisoner representative from social services who visited the house of a Japanese. 73-year-old man has planted the child in a cage, before he was even 16 years old. His decision, he explained that sometimes the guy became too aggressive, and his movements had to be restricted. The dungeon of his son in length, it was less than a meter, and the height reached 1.8 meters.

was a crate in the closet near the dwelling of the pensioner. Instead of bedding, the prisoner was a sheet of plastic. In the closet was the air conditioning. Every two days the 42-year-old man came out with his father and took hygiene procedures and partook of food. Examination showed that no psychiatric abnormalities in men is not detected.

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